For Lucy and Jacob, who met while both working in the defence force “I tried to make Jacob do some work, but given he outranks me….it didn’t happen”, they wanted a wedding day filled with colour, filled with family, and filled with all that was important to them – including their six-week old baby (yes!).

Dani Bartlett Photography joined the merry party for the day, a day which embraced all of the sunshine under the shade of a beautiful and lush fig tree. Yes, perfection it was dear reader.

Jacob had grand plans to propose to Lucy in a hot air balloon. But Lucy may have just spoilt that plan. “I mentioned to our mutual friend Ryan that I was suspect of this sudden romantic hot air ballooning trip… Jacob surprised me at home and caught me completely unaware.”

Not only did Lucy’s mum, who is a florist, for flower delivery company LVLY, do the couple’s flowers, but she also made the couple’s wedding cake!

The couple were married at Glanville Hall – The Coach House, embracing the historic nature of the venue and its stunning old fig tree.

The choice of song for Lucy’s walk down the aisle? Elvis! She shares “My dad walked me down the aisle, to an Elvis song that’s one of his favourites. He and my mother dancing to that song in the kitchen is one of my most vivid childhood memories.”

Lucy wore the most fabulous colourful dress from UK designers Needle & Thread. She shares “I didn’t want to wear white. For one, I can’t be trusted not to mess myself up, but also I love the colour. I had no idea what Jacob was wearing until the day of!”

The couple were married by Sue Jennings. “Our wonderful Celebrant Sue Jennings did all the hard work there” explains Lucy. “We wanted it short and sweet. We also included a very specific welcome to country, beautifully read by my friend Cooper who is a proud Maori woman.”

The celebration had all the relaxed vibes – a bubble machine, colouring books for the kids and of course – live music!  “We knew we wanted live music and found Little Big Words. They were incredible, with Terri performing at our wedding 8 months pregnant!”

Says Lucy “I loved making people to laugh with my spreadsheet of all spreadsheets. A side effect of being an Army Officer is I am chronically organised. I had a tab for everything! Try not to stress too hard. It all comes together and even if things don’t go exactly to plan, you’ve got good stories from it!”

Dani Bartlett captured so many favourite moments for Lucy and Jacob. “Believe it or not I have been shamelessly Facebook and Instagram stalking this lady for eons! When I contacted her about wedding dates, SHE was the deciding factor on what date we went with because I knew I wanted her to capture our day.
She’s got this wonderful quirky style that combines candid and easy happiness. Somehow she made us look like social people and caught so many beautiful moments.”

Lucy was treated to one very special surprise. “My father surprised me with a father-daughter dance. We hadn’t planned to do one. But he secretly contacted Terri and Alex from Little Big Words and they learnt the song for us. The background behind the song is on my 18th birthday my father printed and framed the words to “Wild World” (Cat Stevens/Yourself Yourself) as an ode to life for me becoming an adult.” The newlyweds, however, ditched the first dance tradition. “I think Jacob would rather eat sand than dance in front of people” laughs Lucy.

The biggest congratulations to you both Lucy & Jacob. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us! Thank you also to Dani Bartlett Photography for today’s beautiful wedding photographs.