Vivid blue and sparkling silver hardly sound like what you’d expected in a wedding gown collection. but as always with Aussie designer Kyha Studios and their ready-to-wear label Chosen By Kyha, you should know by now to expect the unexpected.

Let us introduce you to “New Wave”. Inspired by the fluidity and organic movement of the ocean’s waves, this collection not only draws its inspiration from the sea in its silhouettes and shapes, but it pulls its beauty through the colours. There are 18 pieces in the new collection, and among them is the vivid beauty of bold azure and the soft romance of sparkling gold (evoking thoughts on sun-drenched shorelines).

The boldest beauty of all entitled “Adria” is all about drama. A tiered tulle skirt and fitted bodice the ultimate statement. There’s the glittering beauty of “Amaya” a simple, strapless silhouette in glittering gold fabric. If you’re wanting white – don’t fret, because there are endless options for you too. “Arta” a play on 60s style features a fitted, square neckline and beautiful tulle sleeves, while “Davis”, a modern ballgown silhouette is, in our prediction, going to be the most popular of all.

Says the founder and Creative Director of KYHA Studios, Kyha Scott “New Wave is a study in rebellion against the ordinary. We developed innovative beading and new silhouettes that blur the lines between structure and fluidity to make this special collection one which breaks new ground.”

Want to wear your piece from “New Wave”? The collection is available from the Kyha Studios Melbourne, Sydney and New York locations and online via their website.