When it comes to styling & creating your pastel wedding, listening to the experts can be a major win. They know what they’re doing, and have created events & themes within this colour range for many beautiful wedding days. They’re creative & imaginative! But how can you work with your stylist on your big day to make your pastel dream wedding come true? Theola from Royalbox has 5 Stylist Tips To Create The Perfect Pastel Wedding for our Pastel Issue!

1. The Venue

This is most likely the first thing you book and it should be the last thing you want to clash with your wedding colour. Take as many photos as you can when you’re there, see what the venue has to offer and invite your stylist to visit your venue. You would want to consider the colours that exist within the venue, the wall, carpets/flooring and the ceiling. The pastel palette is considered a safe colour choice as it suits well with almost all ambiences, whether it is a rustic theme, elegant or contemporary, the pastels will complement the venue and almost all themes.

2. Gather Your Inspirational Boards

Find pictures to support the dream wedding you have in mind and share it with your stylist. Try as best as you can to create a comprehensive and cohesive inspiration board as a guide for yourself and your stylist. If possible, try to find exact image references of the pastel colours you like, it would be helpful to generate a broad understanding of your wedding. Explain to your stylist as much detail as possible about the venue, the floor plan, guest table type (round or trestle), whether it is going to be a cocktail or sit-down party, preferences of flowers, tall or low arrangements and so on. Pinterest is an amazing tool to create vision boards to share with your stylist so they have a clear idea of what you’d love to create for your day.

3. Fall In Love With The Colour

Now, the most essential step to selecting your pastel wedding is you have to love the colour. You want to be excited with your colour and it should reflect your personality. A wedding colour is one of the things that makes an event memorable and sets the overall mood and ambience of the whole day.

Then, we create something unique and play around with that base colour.

4. Choose Other Colours that Complement The Base Pastel Colour

A true blend of a soft colour family and a mixture of delicate colours would elevate the look of your wedding. The pastel colour combinations work well with any type of wedding, whether it is an indoor or outdoor, huge or micro wedding.

The stylist should help you choose other 4-5 colours that complement your initial pastel colour selection. We usually select one or two main colours, one or two neutral tones for an effortless look, and a complementary colour to brighten the palette. Having more than just one colour will create a strikig look as it will affect all elements, from flowers to printables and decorations.

5. Planning and Executing The Pastel Colours

Once we have a colour palette, the next step is to decide on planning and executing the colours into your dream wedding. Take, for example, blush, rose pink, cream and dusty blue, the colour that speaks for themselves, a romantic, vibrant and timeless elegance. We could start by choosing the flowers according to these colours, I would personally use blush, rose pink, and cream for the statement flowers such as roses, peonies and ranunculus. Meanwhile, the dusty blue could be filling flowers like hydrangea or if you want just a hint of blue, we could go with sweet pea or delphinium.

For the tablecloths, runners and napkins, if you have an extra budget to upgrade your decoration package that includes those customised tablecloths and napkins, it would complement the wedding theme/colour. However, if you would like to go with the venue’s standard setting, then choose neutral colours like white, cream or light grey, because then, we could play around with the runners, printables or the wedding favour design. The table runners are a great way to add accent, texture and colours to your overall design, they generally go well with a rectangular table and often with a round as well. If you choose a basic neutral colour for your tablecloth, then having a pastel hued table runner would add a subtle colour to your entire tablescape.

The next important element in executing the pastel colour wedding theme is to ensure that all printable place cards and menus are synced with the colour scheme. For us, we pay attention to these small details because we know this is the first thing that the guests would really pay attention to and stare at them all night, from as soon as they sit down until the end of the event. Choosing the right colour also depends on the tablecloth and napkin selection. If you choose a blush colour for your napkin, then we would probably go with cream for the menu. On the other hand, if you choose light grey for your napkin, then it goes well with the blush or dusty blue menu.

Moving on to the place card, this is one of our favourite creations (Royalbox is well known to create a beautiful, unique and detailed place card). We like to involve ribbon, tassel or even wax seal stamps on our place card. We like the uniqueness, more than just a standard place card.

Lastly, we should consider the rest of the elements and decoration, for instance, the wedding cake, bouquet ribbon, welcome signage, seating chart, table number, wedding favours hang tag or design. Ensure all the designs tie well with your colour scheme to create a truly enchanting vision on your special day. You might want to use the same flower types for your wedding cake and use complementary colours for your ribbons, our favourite is two different shades of chiffon bouquet ribbon, for example, cream and dusty blue. For welcome signage, seating chart and table number, our pick for the pastel colours are acrylic, plywood and cloth signage. For a neutral option, acrylic and cloth are the simplest choices yet stunningly beautiful.

About Royalbox: Royalbox was founded in 2015 by two girls. It began from a simple talk to thoughts, thoughts to ideas, ideas to dreams and dreams to realities, we have constantly given our love and passion to create magical moments. We love unique, imaginative and creative ideas, and with extra attention to detail, our vision is to deliver perfection to your dream events.