We’ve been lucky enough to have shared an array of pastel cocktails as part of our wonderful Cocktail Friday segment, so to begin The Pastel Issue we thought we’d give a nod to these tried & truly delightful mixes! Perhaps your pastel-themed wedding needs a signature pastel cocktail to kick off the party. Maybe you just really need some pretty pastel beverages in your life. Whatever the reason, you can’t go past these, 10 of our Deliciously Pastel PDW Cocktails… 

1. Loft Byron Bay’s Night Blossom

From The Loft Byron Bay, this drink recipe is bursting with the most evocative flavours of spring; from delicate flowers to bursting berries, to spritzy citrus. Plus, they’ve thrown just a hint of chocolate in for good measure.

2. Sombre Sour from Shakers on Wheels

From the fabulous team at Shakers on Wheels, this Sombre Sour combines warm spice and lovely sour lemon to create this perfect palate pleaser.

3. Mint & Mingle’s ‘Vanilla Killa’

With fragrantly sweet vanilla – plus fruity faves like strawberry, guava and fig – this pastel beauty from Mint & Mingle is a surefire crowdpleaser. How gorgeous would this frothy pink drink look on a luxe hen’s party cocktail menu?

Images: Kas Richards

4. Peppery Ginger Cider from Fraser Suites Perth

If you’re looking for a Friday cocktail to warm your belly then this one is perfect! The wonderful team at Fraser Suites Perth have a fantastic cocktail list. So, if you’re in need of a winter warmer and a crowd-pleaser, this cocktail will hit the spot.

5. Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel’s “Watsons’ Sunset’

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel created a unique ombre pastel cocktail to celebrate the sunset hours at their stunning venue and we are all in for this lychee & edible violet wonder!

Image: The Photography Business

6. Pontoon’s Kiwi Sour

The fruit in this uncomplicated tipple from Pontoon provides a necessary, palate-cleansing acid while the frothy foam provides lightness. Have a little nibble on the cucumber garnish and pretend that you’re balancing out all of that heady, reception-feast-related indulgence.

Image: Simon Shiff

7. Yagiz’s Turkish Delight

This impressive ‘Turkish Delight’ from Yagiz sees rose petal gin, creme de cacao, lemon, vanilla and rosewater combined with egg white, to create a zesty and floral beverage. Garnished with rose fairy floss and a dusting of pistachio powder, it’s the perfect pastel palette pleaser!

8. White Lily Couture’s Rosewater Kiss

Created by bridal boutique White Lily Couture, this bubbly sweet treat is a fragrant delight. Plus that super pink colour is simply perfect when serving up a tray of refreshments. Try pink gin or a fruit-flavoured vodka in this one.

9. Lemon Myrtle Sour

Our Lemon Myrtle Sour is the perfect blend of tart sweetness and citrus tang, and it’s easy to whip up and perfect for summer weddings!

10. Saké’s Yozakura

From Saké’ Restuarant, this recipe is a twist on a classic sour cocktail and the name refers to viewing cherry blossoms at night – swoon! You can find yukari shiso salt at Japanese specialty stores, but this drink is worth a shake even if you can’t find it.