After meeting on a dating site “we never got up to meet properly!” It wasn’t until Yessica needed an extra birthday party guest that these two really hit it off, the story unfolding, “for Yessica’s 25th birthday party I was running low on attendees and had an extra ticket at an opportune time (and needed the money for the extra ticket, being a working student at the time) — the best stroke of luck in my life!”

Living by the harbour, and their first official date being right by the water, when it came time for Jem to pop the question, what better place than a boat with an epic view of the oh-so-famous bridge?  “I didn’t want to propose somewhere we’ve never been and/or will never be again” explained Jem. “I wanted to propose somewhere that’s special to us, and where we can remember it every time we’re on and around the harbour.” And there was one special guest – Ash of Candid Chaser invited along for the ride to make sure this moment of magic was captured!

It was not a day of sunshine when the day finally came, but that didn’t sway Jem’s plans! Yessica explained “Our work schedules had been particularly hectic throughout early and mid-2022. So it wasn’t out of character that Jem would suggest a long-overdue date afternoon. What *was* out of character was the insistence that, despite the pouring rain, we could not postpone the lunch in Rose Bay (where we first met).. because ‘it would be difficult to get another booking the following week’ (demonstrably untrue). After lunch our boat arrived for a surprise cruise of the harbour, at which point things began to become suspicious, bordering on obvious. Luckily the rain cleared just in time for the tears.”


Jem adores Yessica for her kindness. “Her consistent tendency to be looking out for people, checking up on everyone and being an amazing friend, partner, daughter and sister. She also has an incredible work ethic, a killer sense of humour and a beautiful year-round smile.” While for Yessica, it’s Jem’s loyalty and generosity that she loves. “Jem is a kind man and he truly gives everything to the people that he loves, he is the smartest person I have ever known and is an excellent chef. I love my days with him and our conversations with a glass of wine.”

As you might have guessed, life for these two is full of merriment. “Given Yess’s mother tongue is Spanish, for the first couple of years of our relationship she had good English, but not quite great, which often led to certain expressions being lost in translation. At one point she put a hand on Jem’s at a particularly romantic moment and said sweetly yet seriously: “I love you regardless.” Jem took a few moments and replied: “Regardless of what??” (I like to think she meant “I love you no matter what.”)”


Of their photographer, Jem raves “Ash, aka Candid Chaser, is a phenomenal photographer and an all-around great guy. I found him via his website and thought his style — managing to capture candid and impromptu moments in a professional, classy way — was a great fit for what I wanted. His style of shots is a perfect balance of candid and polish; of capturing genuine emotion without being too happy-snap or too contrived.”