An engagement session with a castle, a field of yellow flowers and a yellow dress? That sounds about us! Hikari Lifestyle Photography took to the Adelaide hills with Priti and Samit to tell their love story in the most ethereal, glowy light that turned out to be a beautiful dream!

After meeting in the exam hall at uni, the pair connected over the exam questions, Priti thinking not much of it until Samit dropped into her Instagram direct messages the next day. “When I moved to Australia in 2015 my family was worried I would end up marrying an Aussie boy and never come back. I laughed at the thought of marrying someone here, I was young and full of ambitions of completing my nursing degree and pursuing a career in midwifery – men were the last thing on my mind. But then, things changed since Samit slid that DM in!”

The couple became engaged through mutual agreement, but  Samit did purchase a ring! Priti explains “To be honest, unlike most couples Samit did not kneel in front of me or said any of the cheesy stuff. We both dreaded organising a wedding. But we talked about buying a house together, living together, having kids… then it all just became really natural for us we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together

Even though we didn’t want a wedding I still wanted my ring. I kept dropping hints at Samit the type of ring that I liked. Samit got so worked up one day that he said “let’s go buy it.” I was in shock but secretly screaming in excitement on the inside like a little girl going to a candy shop. One thing we have in common is that we are both super indecisive. So we went to check store A, they had my ‘dream ring’ but it was out of Samit’s budget. So we went store B, store C, store D…. and went back to store A again eventually but the dream ring was gone! I was so upset but Samit was so sweet, he begged the owners to order another one of them and he didn’t even mind paying more just so I can have the perfect ring on my hand.”

On what they love about one another, Priti tells “Samit is a very quiet yet observant guy with a great sense of humour. I am a full-time dreamer, a little eccentric, head in the sky, type A, risk taker… We have different personalities (I guess opposites do attract!) but I think that is what helps us grow as a couple together as we overcome the challenges in life, meet new people and discover new things. You can say we complete each other and make each others’ lives better.”