If you live your life as art. If you spend your days dancing and using every bit of your creative senses why wouldn’t you embrace that for your engagement photos? We are big fans of your engagement and your wedding, being as you live your life and for Winnie and Mau who owns the aerial dance company Fine Line Studio there was no better beginning for the next step.

The pair met at an architecture school in Hong Kong – Winnie an aerial dancer, Mau an architect have been engaged for over four years,  explains Winnie  “We basically just slipped into this stage! Neither of us can be bothered to plan a wedding. We thought would love to start somewhere, with a pre-wedding session.   We admire Oli’s work. We love the small things over glam and we love details.”

So not only did photographer Oli of  Briars Atlas join the duo, but they also had a visit from the studio’s previous custodian, a magician, who had lived and rehearsed at the space in the 80s. “We own and run an aerial dance studio business in Melb CBD, this space always holds a special place in our hearts” explained Winnie “We want our pre-wedding shoot to be fun, casual, and genuine. As a dancer I have done quite many serious-looking portrait and dance shoots over the years; it will be nice to finally have photos that capture the essence of the two of us instead.”