After meeting on ““Orange Facebook” – formally known as Grindr, Michael and Peter met in person, on a sweltering hot Brisbane day, for a cool dip. “I had been working on a building with a friend earlier on” explains Peter. “Michael tempted me over with the offer of a cool pool to dip in and some beers, we ended up spending the whole afternoon and evening together just chatting and enjoying each other’s company and haven’t stopped since!”

Michael was the one to propose,  organising a romantic picnic overlooking Brisbane. “This picnic was with some close friends and we thought it was just a nice little way to bookend a tough work week for everyone. We all did note how strange it was about how much effort Michael put into the food as he was mixing cocktails furiously! It was not until we were eating our creme brûlées that I found a little note inside a vial saying “Be mine everyday?” I legitimately was surprised as I thought a chef had accidentally left a cooking implement in my food.”

The couple joined by photographer Love by Jill for an urban engagement session that made the most of the glowing city backdrop after dark. “Michael chose to take on as he had followed her through Instagram as he has a close friend who works as a Burlesque performer. He noticed she had made the jump towards working as a photographer full time. We think it’s incredibly brave and admirable for someone to take a chance on themselves and their creativity like this so we felt it was the right choice as we love seeing people living out their dreams.”


On his love for Michale, Peter tells “What I love about Michael is quite literally his presence, I always look forward to seeing him. I admire his taste in design, clothes and entertainment, I love how he coaches me in life and to be more kind and thoughtful. I love his speaking voice and turn of phrase.” Michael adding of Peter “What I love the most is the joy he brings to the most mundane of tasks. I am looking forward to a life peppered with these moments.”

These two spend a lot of their life together laughing, says Peter. “There was this one time where I was a beginner skier in Snowmass (Colorado) and we had to ski some intermediate trails to get where we wanted to go for breakfast. After a few spills and smashes I got pretty cranky with Michael so he swiftly skied away effortlessly to his breakfast. I didn’t know what to do so I hopped on a lift which then took me up to the top of the summit where only expert trails were so I was stranded thinking I would die up there so I had to sheepishly ask the staff to lift me back down. Serves me right for throwing a tantrum on a snow covered hill because I missed out on breakfast!”