We are extremely fortunate in Australia, and at Polka Dot Wedding, to be privy to some of the most exquisite country weddings. There isn’t a doubt in our minds that a country wedding is full of sweeping, sometimes harsh beauty, and we are absolutely here for it. So we thought, for our second last theme issue for the year, we would showcase everything our sunburnt country has to offer couples getting married in The Country Issue!

Australia really does have an abundance of incredible country locations (we are a pretty big island, after all!) so it comes as no surprise that when we put our minds to finding exceptional country weddings & amazing country wedding inspiration and wisdom, we were completely blown away! Think rugged countryside, red dirt contrasting with wedding whites, farm settings, bright colours popping against lush greens of the bush, and, as is very typical of country Australia, the friendliest and most fun couples & wedding vendors you could ever meet.

For The Country Issue, our specialty blogs are set to be laden with amazing info from country wedding vendors on how to make your wedding ceremony & reception essentially rural-themed, and essentially you. After all, it’s not just about the location that makes a country wedding… well… a country wedding. It’s about the small details that make your big day represent you as a couple. And there are many country couples who want to make their day unique to them and their country roots. We’ve reached out to some incredible rural wedding vendors to share their thoughts on how to not only style your wedding in a country location but also how to include quintessential country elements into your whole day. We’re also diving into why local suppliers are your best bet for your country wedding, and of course, our Featured blog is brimming with country features that will take your breath away!

So buckle up & boots on for this month’s stunning issue – The Country Issue! Oh and we suggest tunning into  The Country Issue Playlist while you’re at it!

Header photo by Sophie Baker via Lauren & Josh’s Relaxed & Modern Wedding At Gold Coast Farm House