When it comes to shooting almost every location under the sun, the Polka Dot Wedding directory members have absolutely been there, and done that, (the thing about the t-shirt, etc.. etc…) so we asked a couple of our wonderful Polka members their thoughts on why capturing country weddings is a highlight for them in their work for The Country Issue! For some ideas on how to really pull off the most amazing wedding portraits at your country wedding, scroll down for “A Roundup: Falling For Country Weddings From The PDW Directory!”… 

Leo Farrell Photography

I love that weddings constantly open me up to new places and experiences. I loved all the experiences of these country weddings for different reasons!

Georgia & Craig’s wedding in Narracorte, South Australia was a standout. It’s a cliche, but everyone was so friendly and willing to help in any way. When I arrived, I scouted their friend’s farm which had enormous hay bales which I thought would make a great backdrop to some of their pics. I also passed a very symmetrical pine forest on the way to the farm.

I suggested this as an option as well, and Georgia & Craig were fully onboard! I love being able to create a range of images for my couples, through the use of varying backgrounds, light, and composition. Most importantly, I like to be able to do so within close range so the couple isn’t away from their guests for long. Their marquee reception was on a family friend’s property, with small fires scattered around the field for warmth. Such an incredible day full of country hospitality, beauty, and connection.

Chris from Lovereel:

There are so many pros to having a country wedding, and so few cons. For starters, you’re likely to have uninvited yet totally welcome guests on the day, such as horses, cows, kangaroos, and more. Con? You might be able to smell them too. Needless to say, having your wedding in a country setting is going to provide you with a beautiful, natural backdrop for your wedding video and photos. Con? Animals will photobomb you, but is that really a con?

Ashleigh & Jarred

At a country wedding, you’re going to have loads of space for everything, lots of parking for your guests, and potentially even accommodation on-site. Con? You’re likely going to have to travel there. It rained a little for Ashleigh and Jarred’s wedding, but as you can see, it really added an element of magic to their photoshoot. Con? They got wet… but let’s be honest, it can rain anywhere.

Country weddings tend to be super relaxed by default. Con? Your elderly guests and kids might fall asleep. Guests will see your country wedding as an opportunity to wear a cowboy hat. Con? Guests will wear cowboy hats.

Claire & Oliver

Thus as you can see for yourself in these two wedding films, there’s very little to worry about when having a country wedding, and so much to gain. The hardest part is the fact that everyone is likely going to have to get themselves there and find accommodation, but personally, I see this as a perfectly good opportunity to get all of your loved ones together for a mini-holiday as well as to celebrate your wedding, of course.

Society Photography

It’s always great fun to get out of the city to explore a new location and capture a country wedding. We love the Australian bush and landscape and find it really inspiring to photograph in this setting. A large part of our style is about capturing wide landscape images (aka big landscape/small people type imagery), to really tell the story and convey a sense of time and place about a couple’s wedding day. We love to shoot the types of images that our couples will want to have printed and framed as a beautiful piece of wall art to display in their homes. We will always shoot this way no matter where the wedding is being held but a country setting can definitely provide ample opportunities for this! We love the relaxed laidback feel of a country wedding. It’s always fun when brides decide to kick off their more formal high heels and don some RM Williams or workboots for their location photos – we are always up for having a bit of an adventure if our couples are!