The quality & aesthetic of your wedding florals are so important for the overall vibe & look of your day. We’ve known a couple or two who have had meltdown moments over wilted flowers, and poor-quality blooms and this is something every florist will try their hardest to avoid when creating your floral look for the day.  For a bit of know-how if you’re getting married in a location that tends to be on the more humid side, the team at Willow Bud Flowers shares “Tips For Keeping Your Wedding Florals Fresh In A Warmer Climate” for The Flowers Issue

Keep It Fresh

Realistically in a warm or humid climate; fresh is best, then naturally dried (and even then they can go mouldy). The current trend of bleached and preserved florals, whilst lovely, do not take well to the humidity. The products that are used in this process change the leaf or florals – they look crisp and great when stored in a cool dry area. Once they are exposed to moisture; either on a muggy day or if mixed with fresh flowers and they need to be refrigerated they flop, droop ad generally look really sad. This ties in with our point about trying to use locals suppliers, as the more fresh the floral, the perkier & prettier it will be!

Support Local Vendors

Whilst everyone loves imported blooms, we like to pair these with local blooms and foliage. We have lots of great suppliers on the Sunshine Coast for example, as would many warmer locations, with a wide variety of florals and foliages. That way we know that they are fresh and will hold up better than something that has been transported across Australia, often not in water and in and out of cold rooms before it even gets to us. Knowing that your flowers & greenery have not had to travel far when sourced locally can really ease your mind, as there is less chance of dehydration of the flora.

Have a Backup Plan

We love a good afternoon rain shower on the Sunshine Coast (usually right around 3 pm, just for the start of a wedding). The weather is a major factor to keep in mind in a tropical climate and outdoor weddings. More often than not it blows over and a short delay will have everything back on track again. If you have consulted the radar and you will be swimming down the aisle instead of walking, have a backup. Make the call early enough for your vendors to make the appropriate changes, and be sure to keep in contact through the days before. Keep in mind the wind also; the wind is almost worse than searing heat for your florals and your florist may need to make some adjustments on the day to suit to the wild weather!

The Vital Component – Water

It can get HOT here on the Sunshine Coast, so we transport all our fresh florals in water, even our bouquets are transported with a water source. Most of our buttonholes are kept as raw stems, which means we can keep them in water too. Most of our larger designs are built on site, allowing florals time to hydrate and making sure they are looking perky and fresh, especially if they are about to have a hard day in the sun and wind for a ceremony space. Speak with your wedding florist to see if any of the florals need to be given a bit of water if they’re to be left in the sun or warm weather for a longer length of time. And if you can keep your bouquets in water right up until the big event (making sure to thoroughly dry the stems before carrying them!), this is ideal.

About Willow Bud Flowers: Willow Bud is a design studio that specialises exclusively in wedding floral styling. We are a team of qualified and professional floral designers who have been passionate about weddings and wedding flowers since 2012. We are innovative thinkers, with each team member providing unique ways to bring your floral ideas to life. Our style is bountiful, timeless, and feminine, and though we acknowledge evolving wedding trends, we ensure that we include them while still maintaining our signature style. Our work is an artistic extension of our hearts and we approach each wedding with thoughtfulness and care, using only the industry’s finest natural produce guaranteeing we exceed your expectations on your wedding day!