The light in today’s engagement session captured by Through the Wild Photography? Buttery and beautiful and perfect for the telling of the story of Glen and Laura.

You see, these two met at a mutual friend’s going away party. “Glen came up to me with a goofy confidence, introduced himself and sparked up a conversation, made me laugh uncontrollably, and we were essentially inseparable the rest of the night” remembers Laura, “And 4 years later, here we are!”

Glen decided to pop the question on the couple’s puppy dog’s first birthday remembers Laura. “Gio had woken us up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning in November. It was always the plan to let Gio out of the bedroom to go find all his new toys sitting in his toy box and then he would run back into our bedroom with a new toy in tow.

Well, I’m laying there waiting for Gio to come back into the room and Glen with my morning coffee and it was taking a lot longer than usual and Gio hadn’t returned to the bedroom. I decided after a few more minutes to venture out to the lounge room where we kept Gio’s toy box. I walked to the edge of the room and there Glen was on one knee, two bouquets of flowers behind him, a chilled bottle of champagne, Gio next to him in a big red bow, with a ring box in hand. I instantly dropped to the ground and started to cry as he asked me to marry him at 6 o’clock on a Sunday morning.”

The engagement? Just another step in life together for these two, who share a deep bond. “We mostly try and enjoy life and laugh as much as possible. We have achieved so much together in the last four years. We have a warm and welcoming home, we are healthy and happy, we have the best fur baby, Giovanni, whom we adore and we have a great circle of friends and family who we love. We make each other laugh every day without fail and try to find the comedy in all situations, no matter how tricky the situation might be.”

“We make each other laugh all the time! ” admits Laura. “We always support each other in our endeavours and though at times I am sure we are both infuriating, we will always have each other’s backs. Family is really important to us, and I think we both appreciate that we love each other’s families as much as our own.”


For their session, Laura and Glen wanted somewhere brand new, leaving it up to their photographer to make the pick. “Katriese is amazing! I was instantly drawn to her style of photography and the warmth in her photos. From the onset, her communication has been great and she is so wonderful to talk with you really feel her passion come through as she is capturing moments. Funnily enough, she actually attended the same school as Glen and his sisters so that was a nice little surprise! I cannot wait to work with Katriese for our wedding, and have her capture so many amazing moments for us to cherish for the rest of our lives!
For the shoot, we wanted to go somewhere both of us had never been before and told this to our lovely photographer who recommended we head to Zig Zags at sunset and once I looked it up, we were sold on the venue. It was the perfect setting for our engagement photos and I am so glad we went. It almost didn’t happen as that day there had been lots of burn off’s so the sky was ladened with smoke, however, we stuck it out and so glad we did, as we were presented with a stunning sunset and a blood red sun.”