I was lucky enough to put together this lovely interview-style piece from Marie of Lilelements Design on “How To Create The Perfect Whimsical Vintage Wedding Theme” for The Flowers Issue! Amazing ideas for any couple wanting to fill their day with whimsy, flowers & vintage styling, and to accompany the interview Marie kindly offered us this glorious whimsical styled shoot that we have fallen head over heels for… 

PDW: What are some quintessential styling elements for creating a vintage, whimsical wedding theme?

Marie: Use soft colours, gold touches, and light draping for a whimsical theme and ensure your florist works with flowy florals/greenery – the florals are the key to the whole set-up. If the florals were to be bunched and wired, it will take away the airy ethereal beauty of nature.

PDW: What stationery designs suit a vintage, whimsical theme?

Marie: Find your style and what you like on Pinterest, Instagram and even Google photos. You will then see the similar elements you notice from your collection and be able to work out what you like most for the design. Working with a calligrapher will bring out that vintage touch and usually having deckled edges on cotton paper with a neutral colour theme creates a beautiful elegant aesthetic.

PDW: How would you create a vintage theme for a morning wedding, and for an afternoon/evening wedding?

Marie: Try to not work with bold colours or too many colours for your morning wedding. Sometimes you don’t need to go overboard to create a beautiful wedding, using a few vintage props having the right colour theme and floral style can bring out your theme. Having some old vintage arbour frames, a vintage backdrop, door frame, vintage urns and a touch of neutral colour florals with some greenery can elevate the style. Candles and gold candle holders at night can really bring that romantic atmosphere and taper candles will add a whimsical vintage touch to an evening wedding.

PDW: What are styling & decor pieces that couples can DIY and what would you suggest they leave to the professionals?

Marie: Go to some trash and treasure places to get some amazing vintage finds for props, vases and even some materials that could be used to drape across the table or even drape on plinths. Talk to your stylist about your finds and they can work on bringing your elements into the set-up and ensure everything aligns with the whole look of your day. I’d suggest leaving the ceremony, wedding party table and major setups to the professionals so you can just worry about the guest tables.

PDW: Name a few unique vintage styling pieces couples may not have thought about!

Marie: Crystal cut bud vases, copper/gold vintage bud vases with engraving design, gold/copper candle holders, small gold vintage frames for table numbers or even wooden cut-outs with door knobs (but don’t use it too often as wood can slide into a rustic theme), silverware can be used for many things like kettles/teapots could be used as vases, old books are always a winner for vintage styling, pearls can be used to drape or hang. There are just so many things out there for you to find and add!

PDW: What are your “must-have” decor/hire pieces for this theme?

Marie: I’d say having a vintage chest or suitcase can be perfect for a wishing well or to create some height and character in the ceremony set-up. Gold vintage engraved frames are always a beautiful must-have for any vintage theme – this can be used as ceremony or reception signage, or seating signage. Antique gold colour props will bring out elegance and whimsical romance to any set-up.

PDW: And lastly, any tips or advice for couples wanting to create this type of theme for their day?

Start with what you want for the overall look and feel of your wedding, and what you want your guests to feel on the day. Do you want them to also feel the romance, the luxe, the elegance or do you want them to feel like they are sitting in a garden with vintage elements? For this theme in this styled shoot, we wanted the guests to feel like they were in France with some elegance so we used subtle vintage patterns/illustrations, soft colours that the Parisians usually use, gold frames and some feathery wild florals that added a whimsical airy touch.

Talk to your stylist or florist and tell them what look and feel you want to create – they will be able to help narrow down the look for you. Trust in them and allow them to have a free brief for them to be creative, don’t narrow down on the small details like it has to be this flower or this shade of pink. You and the vendors will have a much better relationship to bring your vision to life on the day and you can stress less about the bigger setups. This will give you more range to do some DIY, work on thank you gifts and more.

About Lilelements Design: I’m a petite person with a big creative mind that has a soft spot for Asian culture. I can’t help but adore pretty little details and working with light. I love to travel, create shoots around the world and host some workshops with talented vendors. I am based in Sydney but occasionally travel to Japan. My passion is creating beautiful events to create memories and moments that bring your story to life. I am a full-time Graphic Designer but behind closed doors, I’m a Stylist and Photographer with a twist of Floral skills. We specialise in styling and creating a fusion between Asian culture with modern weddings.