Are you looking for quick and easy ways to add flowers to your event? Look no further! These sweet and simple teacup flowers are the perfect addition for your next brunch, kitchen tea, or soiree. Hit the charity shops or your nan’s collection for some delicate teacups and saucers, and you’re halfway there! Why not try this Delightful Flower-Filled Teacup DIY Tutorial a go at home? The perfect DIY for The Flowers Issue! 

What You Will Need

  • Mismatched teacups and saucers
  • Flower frogs – you can buy these online
  • Your choice of flowers – stick to your colour palette
  • Flower snips

Step One

You’ve found some gorgeous teacups and you’ve discovered what a flower frog is (that very heavy, needle-filled item in the picture) – an excellent start! If you’d rather not use a flower frog, use floristry tape (which is waterproof) as a crisscross over the top of the cup. This will hold the stems in place. When choosing flowers and if using the flower frog, try to avoid very thin stems or woody stems. They work but are trickier to anchor. Fill the teacup with water, and gently place the flower frog in the water. As the flower stems are being cut short, and the flower frogs are heavy, we don’t need to anchor the flower frog with floristry tac. If you would like to create taller arrangements, anchoring the frog is a great idea.

Step Two 

Using sharp flower snips, cut the flower stems short, so that the blooms sit on the lip of the teacup. Gently and firmly, press the stem into the flower frog. Continue to fill the teacup with flowers, until it’s like a little flower cloud floating across your table – in a teacup!

Step Three 

As the flowers are in fresh water, they’ll last for several days, if not longer, depending on the flowers you’ve selected. A mix of colours and blooms in each teacup will give more vintage vibes, sticking to one colour and bloom creates a cleaner aesthetic. Choose the flowers you love, and it’s guaranteed to look beautiful!