Flowers and nametags? Yes, please! When crafting a DIY nametag station, there are just about a million ideas you can find to inspire you. Today, we’re incorporating fresh, romantic blooms to add a feminine touch to our vintage frame. Look below for the easiest steps to create a gorgeous name tag stand for your next event with our Delicate Floral Name Tag Display DIY Tutorial.

What You Will Need:

  • A picture frame – depending on the number of guests you have, you may need to hunt down some larger frames, or set up easels and use multiple
  • Name tags – from your graphic designer, handmade or printed
  • Pegs, ribbon, scissors, and twine
  • Tacs and a hammer, or strong hold tape
  • Fresh flowers

Step One 

Clean and/or paint your chosen frame, ensuring it is clean and dry. Cut lengths of twine and attach them to the back of the frame using either tacs and a hammer, or strong hold tape. If using heavier weight name tags and blooms, secure the twine firmly with tacs.

Step Two 

Space out and attach the name tags with the pegs. Pop the table number of your guest on the reverse so they know where to sit. Cut lengths of ribbon, and ensure your chosen flowers are well hydrated. Tie the flowers onto the twine with the ribbon securely.

Note – attach the flowers to the name tag frame as close to your event as possible so the flowers are fresh as can be.

Step Three 

Once all the name tags and blooms are attached, set up your display where your guest can easily see it, and style to your heart’s content.