Colour theme is one of the biggest decisions to make when planning a wedding. It evokes endless questions such as “will my flowers match my wedding dress, and my wedding party dresses?”. There are so many things to consider, and Veronica from Art de Fleur has put together “Colour Block Styling Your Wedding Flowers With Art de Fleur” for The Flowers Issue to give you some inspiration on how to choose colours & style for your wedding.

Image: Mad Love Nation

As a floral designer, choosing the right colour in floral design is critical. The right colour embodies the desired first impression and adds emotion to any tangible piece. For example, monochromatic implies only focusing on one colour, with this type of arrangement drawing the eye to focus toward a block of colour. It is still possible to add textures to the arrangement without worrying about contrasting or clashing colours.

Monochromatic Colour Blocking

Images: Kenneth Lim

On the other hand, ombre. Another type of floral placement involves one colour but arranging in groups/clusters. I prefer the grouping of colour by gradually taking it from the lightest to the darkest shade – arranging the blooms to start from one colour and then transitioning will make a big impact on the whole piece. This also compliments the audience’s view, whilst mentally staying fresh and intriguing.

Ombre Colour Blocking

Images: Mad Love Nation 

From what I have observed recently, a lot of floral designers are breaking the colour block rule. There is certainly no right or wrong in this matter, however, one must carefully consider how multiple different colours could distract salient pieces, and how colour clashing could dilute the beauty and impact of the arrangement itself. The reality is that any colour play will stimulate viewing senses, that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and subjective.

Colour Pop!

Images: Rift Photography

Whatever your scale, planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task for anyone, so it is essential for you to discuss your wants and expectations with your stylist. Not having a clear picture of this is okay too, and that can be the role of a stylist to assist in your decision-making. By working openly together, and with expert planning, you can complement and amplify your chosen colour to make the wedding pop, whilst producing a memorable and everlasting memory for you and your guests.

Flowers are a critical part of the wedding plan, they determine both the decor, the entire colour scheme and the feel of the event. The flowers you choose are also often largely influenced by the season in which you are having your wedding. Being a stylist and florist, I love all things floral, and I am passionate about “flower power” and how this will accentuate and elevate the experience of your special day.

Light Monochrome

Images: Rose & Rhyme Studio 

Here are some simple points to keep in mind when choosing colour for your wedding:

1. Take a good look at your venue and identify spots where there is a blank canvas which can easily be transformed to suit any style and colour. This is the first area to work with, but some venues have limited free creative space.

2. What vibe or theme are you trying to achieve? Is it dreamy and whimsical, or sophisticated and elegant? Or are you after something fun and playful? All warm colour tones such as red, and orange, will produce the desired intimate and personable feel. Light and airy colours such as white, pale pink, or a bright, breezy blue undertone will create a dreamy and whimsical atmosphere.

3. Look around you and ask yourself what colours you naturally gravitate towards and what textures you prefer? What colour reflects the personality of your partner? The answers to these will be the primary colour that the wedding can be built off.

Image: Rose & Rhyme Studio 

When you begin to create an idea of what you want, pay attention to the detail. Be mindful of the seasons, the type of flowers you would like to see, and most of all what impression you wish to leave yourself and your guests on (one of) the biggest nights of your life! Though don’t forget, the colours should reflect you and add a touch of your personality to the décor too. After all, this is your special day, and we want nothing more than to help make it perfect.

About Art de Fleur: Art de Fleur is a magical, friendly, and professional event planning and styling business that works closely with its clients to bring forth their vision. Our team, strongly led by Veronica Ike, appreciates the natural beauty of fresh flowers and uses this as a base for our designs. Our aim is to create a whimsical, elegant, and stylish atmosphere whilst tailoring the designs to the client’s ideas. We strive to imbue a sense of naturalness in everything we do, drawing attention to the organic structure of the flower, and leaving a memorable impression.