Origami flowers add a unique touch to your wedding and will really delight your guests, but not quite sure how to include them at your reception? Created just for The Flower Issue, Natalie from A Tactile Perception has created “3 Ways To Use Origami Flowers At Your Wedding Reception” for Polka Dot Made.

What You’ll Need:

You can use any origami flower tutorial online, but to get you started the tutorial used for this article is an origami orchid fold, and can be found here. You’ll need thin square paper, preferably origami paper, and your chosen origami instructions.

Option 1: Origami Flowers Around Your Table Numbers

Fold multiple origami flowers and place a few around the base of each table number.  Make a few different colours that tie in with your colour palette. A lovely little something for guests to take home with them, or for children to play with at the reception!

Option 2: Origami Flowers In A Vase

Place multiple origami flowers into a clear vase for a beautiful patterned effect.  Make sure your vase is wide enough to fit the flowers. This is definitely an elegant option for your origami flower styling.

Option 3: Origami Flowers On Your Place Settings

Place one or two origami flowers next to your guest’s menu or place card, allowing each guest to take one of these delicate flowers home.  If you’ve chosen to make a flower that has large petals, you could even take a calligraphy pen and write your guest’s name on the flower.

Make these flowers with your nearest and dearest well in advance of the wedding, and make a day of it!  The more you can make, the more stunning the effect will be. They are also a beautiful keepsake from your wedding day and could be a sweet DIY to do every year on your anniversary as a nod to your wedding day.

About A Tactile Perception: A Tactile Perception offers unique stationery you won’t find anywhere else.  Natalie values quality and is dedicated to creating beautiful pieces that will delight your guests and truly reflect you as a couple.