Diving into beautiful Japanese culture thanks to the imagination and vision of wedding stylist  Lil Elements. Marie, who we have come to know and love for her endlessly romantic dreamy designs, had an idea to create an editorial that allows cultures (specifically her Japanese culture) and modernism. And it was all inspired by an incredible kimono.

She shares “When I saw the unique one-of-a-kind kimono, I was inspired by the colours and the design and thought that there should be a wedding that could allow both cultures and modernism to join together.”

Marie herself acted as the bride, with a little help from fan favourite Yuki Snow Samoyed, Marie’s chocolate brown hair swept up and paired with vibrant red lips by makeup artist Linda Q Artistry. The vibrant kimono the basis for how the shoot unfolded.  “I was inspired by the Kitsue (fox) Goddess and since there are boudoir shoots, why can’t we also have kimono boudoir shoots? This is more sensual and sexy for those wanting a bit different from the usual white lace kimono boudoir shoot, we wanted to show that you can still look stunning and sensual with a full kimono!”

Enlisting photographer Sugar Tree Photography to capture the beauty, Marie worked with floral designer Sweet Pea Botanica to dream and create beautiful garden-inspired floral arrangements, which Marie says “had some touches of Asian feel like palm fans and having orchids to create a touch of elegance. We used to create a more zen garden touch and having minimal decor to convey that you don’t need to go overboard when simplifying the look can create a more impactful event.”

The sweetheart table, set on the floor, was inspired by the culture of Japanese low table dining. The team was inspired by yin and yang using zen touches throughout the tablescape, sake glasses and delicate desserts from pastry chef One Bite Macarons sitting alongside painted fan place cards by vildwelcomeboard and of course, a diamond ring enclosed in an Artiste Saku the finishing touch.