Deciding on a wedding date CAN be a tricky undertaking. If you have your heart set on a wedding at a stunning winery location, it really does help to let the professionals guide you with when to book for the style of wedding you want. “Winery Weddings By Season: Styling & Tips For Photo Locations!” from the team at Zonzo Estate for our Winery Issue – incredible tips that will help you plan your perfect winery wedding day! 

There is something truly magical about a winery wedding – escaping to a stunning location with all your loved ones, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, delicious food and great wine. It is the perfect recipe for a wedding! And the Yarra Valley offers incredible views and photo opportunities at every turn.

With each season comes new, unique vistas that are both impressive and inspiring, perfect for exploring and capturing on your wedding day. It is impossible to pick a favourite time of the year, all seasons have something different to offer and allow couples the opportunity to make the day their own.

Here are some of our favourite parts of each season and how to make the most of them on your wedding day!

Ada + Ivy


Summer in the Yarra Valley is always popular. Long, hot days lend themselves to afternoons outdoors sipping on a welcome cocktail or a chilled glass of Prosecco following an outdoor ceremony – Belissimo!

The days end with plenty of gorgeous golden light, which is the perfect time to steal away for photos. We recommend taking a wander through the long wispy grass in the paddocks behind the Cappella and letting the last drops of light work their magic.

The vineyards are full and luscious at this time of year, which is a stunning contrast to the browning paddocks, and always makes a gorgeous spot to slip away for photos.

In terms of styling, the possibilities are endless! You can’t go past a classic colour palette of white flowers and greenery to compliment the gold and green tones outside or embrace lots of colour, the choice is yours!

Images: Rick Liston


Autumn is such a dreamy time of year! Wineries come to life with colour; the grass is lush, green and beautiful gold, orange and red hues adorn the property just begging to be captured.

Take advantage of the picturesque landscape and wander with your photographer to capture all the magic. At Zonzo, we recommend taking a walk down Banksia Bend to capture some photos amongst the autumn leaves. Our October Glories turn a stunning red in autumn and is another striking photo spot.

As if autumn wasn’t pretty enough, you tend to get some incredible sunsets at this time of year. Quite often pretty pink skies and intense oranges paint the sky as the last of the sun sinks behind the clouds. This is another great time to sneak out with your photographer.

With mother nature providing plenty of colour outside, it is a must to incorporate some rich earthy tones into your ceremony and reception styling. Think pinks, oranges and rich reds to bring warmth to the day.

Images: Liz Barnes Photo


The Yarra Valley is full of charm in winter, it is moody and romantic.

There is nothing better than indulging in heart-warming food, with all your nearest and dearest for a celebration to remember in a cozy setting.

Winter provides vast, dramatic landscapes that make a stunning backdrop for photos,  and if it’s raining, be sure to embrace it! We have seen some stunning shots under the festoon lights in the rain.

Take the time to wander amongst bare vines and trees and let the moody landscape work its magic for you.

We love seeing couples bring their personalities to winter weddings, gumboots peeking out the bottom of wedding dresses, umbrellas and warm winter coats making an appearance. There are plenty of ways to embrace the colder weather and have an amazing time.

It’s always nice to incorporate some colour into your styling in winter. Soft neutral pastel tones always look pretty and are complementary to the time of year. Candles also bring warmth and romanticism to your ceremony or reception.

Images: Ashleigh Hasse 


There is something really special about spring weddings. The days are getting longer, the sun makes more appearances and everyone is keen on a celebration.

It’s a good time to welcome back outdoor ceremonies (if the weather allows), as all winery venues look stunning at this time of year. The vines are coming back to life, there are plenty of flowers blooming, and pretty photo opportunities await!

Stealing away for sunset photos is a must, as spring tends to offer some intense, spectacular sunsets that will add an extra layer of magic to your day.

It is also a must to have a little dance under twinkling festoon lights once the sun goes down, these always end up being such beautiful photos.

This is the time of year to embrace the changing season and add plenty of colour to the day. Colourful pastel tones work well or opt for bright pops of colour. There is no end to the styling options.

Images: Ada + Ivy

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