Ever thought that perhaps you’d like to have live performers at your wedding, but need that little push to go ahead and book them?! Ricardo from Dance Dance Dance is popping up on Polka Dot Wisdom today with “Why Having Dance Entertainment At Your Reception Will Knock Your Guests’ Socks Off!”…

That “Live” Experience

Even though technology is all around us with just about everything, the truth is that nothing beats live dance entertainment due to the way it will make you feel as it is a real up-close-and-personal intimate dance entertainment in the flesh with a high energy feel good atmosphere no matter what your theme is.

Personalise It!

You can personalize it and be able to resonate your own love story. For example if your first kiss happened at a Paella restaurant, then you may wish to have a Spanish Flamenco dance show to reignite such memory, or if your proposal happened in Morocco and you said YES in Casablanca, then having a live Bellydancing show will bring that moment back, or if you intend going on your honeymoon to New York City, then you may wish to have some Breakdancers rock the house and share your next destination or if the couple are from different cultural background, then having a dance show feature including some traditional dance content from both worlds will keep everybody happy. Nothing is impossible and would give it a more personal meaning to you if you were to connect your dance show like that rather than just booking any dance show just for the sake of it.

A Feast For The Eyes

Besides being both dazzling and sizzling any dance show is also a wonderful visual variety presentation of colours and costumes plus music tracks to resonate and uplift the DNA of your wedding celebration that will enhance into a theatrical experience right in front of your very own eyes.

Bring In The Instruments!

Dancing entertainment is already spectacular from the get-go whether it is fully choreographed or structured freestyle. Now imagine if the dance gets pumped even more with live batucada drums or musical instruments in the mix. This is the power of dance with the beats and rhythms you cannot resist.

Connect The Senses

The human connection will re-connect all 7 senses and bring a true element of audience interaction that is impossible to replicate with any virtual shows. Besides the Wow! and Pow! that automatically comes along with dance entertainment of any kind, it is often about how your guests are left smiling and feeling good about themselves with full emotions.

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All images & videos are courtesy of Dance Dance Dance