“We love the more natural candid look for photos and absolutely hate posing,” says Nimmy.   As the sun set over Flinders Beach on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, it was indeed the most beautiful, relaxed place Nimmy and Charles’ engagement session could have unfolded. And all the evidence that photographs by the beach at sunset are perfection is right here, in the form of beautiful photography by Nick Skinner Photography.

It seems, that this engagement has been a long time coming for these two, who actually met at age 15. Shares Nimmy “Technically we have known each other since we were 15 through mutual friends however only reconnected after high school at age 20, through the same mutual friends, we went with some friends to watch the latest fast and furious movie, and he had messaged to ask if I was home safe, which sparked a conversation. Next night we had a 21st and I dare say, apparently sparks were flying (which at the time we completely denied) but here we are today, knowing our high school selves, never would have seen us ending up together when we were tweens.”

And Melbourne’s lockdown? Not all bad and, because it set the scene for Charles to pop the question. “It was lockdown period in Melbourne, the first year of Covid. We were supposed to go to Italy in April but the week of our flight it got cancelled and we went into lockdown. He was planning to propose in Dolomites, Italy, he waited a while but it looked like we couldn’t travel for a while so he had changed his mind and picked Sault Restaurant to propose but then the km rules came in and we weren’t allowed to travel more than 5km radius, so this made everything impossible.

During this time we were renting and then decided to purchase a block of land. Then we moved back to his parent’s house to save money in the meantime, when the land was settled we were allowed to go and inspect it. On this day we could travel outside of the 5km radius. This is where he decided to propose and I had absolutely no idea. He captured this on video as he had taken a tripod to take a photo. It was beautiful still, as our forever home is now on that block of land.”

“We love the more natural candid look for photos and hate posing, Nick can capture those moments so beautifully and I’m so happy we found him” remembers Nimmy. “Charles and I aren’t great with photos so he was able to keep us relaxed and take some amazing photos. I can’t stress enough how amazing Nick is, he takes the most beautiful photos and he’s able to keep you relaxed and doesn’t even feel like you’re at a photo shoot, it felt more like we were on a date and he was just in the shadows capturing the moments! I’m so happy – utterly happy and grateful for the amazing memories we get to keep through his capture and can’t wait for all the future shoots to come!”

Says Nimmy “We just know how to have fun, make each other laugh, genuinely love to be around each other, he cooks for me, daily haha so he knows how to win me over through our mutual love of food, we love a good banter, we aren’t the overly romantic type, we are best friends in love!”