It’s not very often we get to tell the story of not one, but two wedding days for the very same couple, but thanks to a certain pandemic, this scenario played out for so many couples.

Today, it’s the two-part wedding of Georgia and Theo. Two days, both filled with colour, celebration and plenty of love, both captured by The Lane Creators. The pair who had been planning their wedding was caught out with the last-minute lockdown just a few days prior to their big days. “On Monday a lockdown was announced (28th June, the wedding was on Saturday the 3rd). The months prior had all been pretty normal so the announcement came as a shock. Theo was still on his Bucks weekend when I broke the news to him. (It was also his birthday – let’s just say that was an eventful day!) During the week we re-planned the day a few times with the amazing help of our venue’s planners, Emily and Amy. (Literally made everything so much better!)

The restrictions changed a few times during the week, but the biggest unknown was that the lockdown was ‘said to end at 6 pm Friday,’ however, the risk of going ahead and the lockdown continuing was far greater so we postponed the event, which we were very thankful for as the Brisbane lockdown was continued until the Sunday. The Gold Coast lockdown had ended which meant we could still use the Barn for a small and intimate reception with our close family and friends.

2021 was a roller coaster but honestly, it was so special, even better than expected! The lockdowns and continuous replanning changed our perspective on what a wedding is and what is most important! We decided to still get married on our original date in July and it was the most special and intimate experience with our closest family and friends.”

And if you take nothing else from Georgia and Theo’s story today, take this piece of advice, from a couple who had everything taken away, but made their kind of magic happen. “Make the most of the situation you have and try to focus on the most important thing – getting to marry your best friend!”

For both of their days, Georgia and Theo were able to marry at The Acre Boomerang Farm. “All our vendors were AMAZING and worked with us through all the lockdowns and changes. But the biggest standout and thanks go to the team at The Acre who worked with us each step of the way through the postponements and made the whole thing go ahead so smoothly. The staff really cared about the big and small details and made you feel so relaxed! Not to mention the venue, facilities and food were all incredible.”

Georgia walked down the aisle with her dad, to “Stay” by Jimmy Needham performed by friends.

The couple wed inside the barn. “We did plan to have the initial ceremony outdoors if the weather was suitable, however, to add to the lockdown drama, the news was reporting ‘months worth of rain in just a few days with 30mm falling on Saturday. The wet-weather option in the Barn actually turned out to be a beautiful and intimate setting with the fireplace, candles and the gorgeous fairy lights throughout the Barn.”

Three months later, it was time for part two!

Georgia worked with Ashleigh Jane Bridal to create her dream gown, telling “I always knew I wanted something unique & a bit different, so before even considering stores I went searching for dressmakers and found Ashleigh. One of my dreams was to have a two-piece set that I could continue wearing the top even after the big day! The custom made design was the perfect mix of modern and classic with a fun polka-dot tule and knot tie at the front. To complement the dress, pink pumps, sunglasses and a colourful bouquet were chosen to tie in with the scheme.”

Georgia made the most of the two wedding days, keeping her “wedding dress” for the big reveal. “At the girl’s prep location, I did a first look with both my Dad and my bridesmaids. I decided to keep my dress a surprise and not wear it at our first wedding, I just love the expressions on everyone’s faces, it was very special! But of course, seeing Theo and marrying him again in front of all our guests was such an incredible time.”

The day was filled with handmade (by Georgia and Theo!)) touches. “We wanted a venue that would work with our ideas and allow a sense of creativity and freedom in how we envisioned the space to be! The open-plan Barn allowed us to arrange the furniture to suit a cocktail style reception with all our statement decor such as a neon sign and pink chesterfield! We also loved the secluded rainforest feel with the open lawn and palm trees for our Ceremony to take place. The location is also perfect for guests to find accommodation nearby along the coast.

We definitely went big with the DIY, creating and building our arbour, backdrops, lawn games, signage and sourcing all our styling pieces such as a pink chesterfield. Coming from a creative and trade-skilled family, they helped us pull everything together and make it even more special.”

Theo’s favourite memory of the weddings? “Seeing Georgia walk down the aisle (again) even though it was the second time walking down the aisle, seeing her again was just as special as the first time…”

The “Celebration” ceremony was completely different to the official ceremony, and these two loved both! “The ceremony of our celebration date we wanted it to have a relaxed vibe, since, in reality, it was re-enacted, however this time with all our guests to witness. The contrast of our initial ceremony within the barn being very intimate with fairy lights to then our celebration ceremony on the lawn under the palm trees made both experiences so different and so memorable in their way! Looking back on both days I am glad we could use both the Barn and The Lawn as they both created such lovely memories and made the ceremonies different.”

The vision of the day, full of all the colour, was down to Georgia. “Being a designer in my career, I had a clear vision of how I wanted things to look straight away and quickly made plans for the overall aesthetics and details, planning the wedding for our first date was all done in under 6 months… however, 5 days before our wedding a snap lockdown was announced; instantly it was quite heartbreaking, but thanks to the support of our families and friends we pushed on to get married! The Staff at The Acre worked with us all week to make our small ceremony so special and for that, we are forever grateful! We replanned our wedding celebration for 3 weeks later however, found ourselves in a second lockdown. We then decided to wait 3 months to throw a big party and that we did!”

The bright and beautiful floral details were styled by Coco Lane says Georgia, “We wanted the florals used to be colourful and fun whilst tying in all the bridesmaid’s dress colours. I chose to use dried flowers as I loved the idea of keeping the arrangements long after the day – they still sit in my house looking stunning! I was also very glad we went with dried as our wedding got postponed three times during 2021, but the flowers were easily stored away and kept for the big day with no added stress!”

Georgia and Theo worked with The Lane Creators for both of their wedding days. “They captured both days so incredibly well. They really felt like great friends you’d had for a long time which helped everyone feel so relaxed in front of the cameras. 10/10 would recommend!”

The couple were supported on the day by their close friends and family. “We wanted a large group to celebrate with and the photos capture that” notes Georgia. “The bridesmaids each chose their dress within the colour scheme to ensure they had something that suited them and created a more relaxed and fun look to the wedding party to contrast with the groom and groomsmen black suits.”

Confetti and neon signs are the pinnacle of fun, and Georgia and Theo included both in their day. “A must-have for me was a custom neon sign (from Sketch & Etch), it added such a fun vibe to the barn and since then we love having it light up our living room at home! ” says Georgia. “The ‘confetti’ moments from both weddings are some of my favourite memories, would recommend to anyone walking down the aisle! We used the ‘sunrise’ confetti with orange and pink colours from The Whole Bride.

The biggest congratulations to you both Georgia and Theo! We’re so glad you got to have not just one but two wedding days! Thank you both and thank you to The Lane Creators and The Acre Boomerang Farm for sharing this celebration with us today!