The thing we truly love about showcasing weddings on our pages is the abundance of different ways couples create their day to truly represent them as a couple – who and what is important to them, and how they want to celebrate their love. Many weddings tend to become a fabulous, elaborate affair, and trust us, we’re not complaining. We adore this version of nuptials VERY much (did anyone say COLOUR?!), but for some couples, paring back the glitz and glam on their wedding day is the perfect way to showcase their love. We celebrate all couples and all weddings here at Polka Dot Weddings, so after a terrifically yellow month, we thought we’d pull back the bright and showcase a wedding theme that has taken the world by storm. June is The Minimalist Issue!

Simple styling, neutral tones, single colour palettes, clean lines, elegant, no-fuss attire, and sometimes even keeping the wedding to just the two of you is what a minimalist theme is all about. Going minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t have an exquisitely planned and created day! On the contrary, it just means you’ve pulled back on the things that don’t really matter to you and have played up the things that do. Maybe you’re not one for much colour, big floral installations, or huge wedding parties. Less is absolutely more when it comes to a minimalist theme!

As always, PDW has a bevy of fabulous features for the month’s issue! A minimalist couple’s wedding dream come true! Our Featured and Polka Dot You blogs are jam-packed with stunningly simple weddings that you are going to fall in love with. The Wisdom blog has some perfect minimalist styling tips, how to throw a small and lovely minimalist brunch for your wedding, ways to keep your ceremony short and sweet, why a minimalist wedding can be extra budget-friendly, and much more! Polka Dot Made has delicious cocktails and simple DIYs for you to try at home. And Polka Dot Honeymoons takes you on a mini-moon trip in a Tiny Away home!

So much to look forward to, with so many ideas for planning your perfectly pared-back Minimalist wedding! As always, our tip is to pour a cup of something delicious, settle in and get ready to fall in love with The Minimalist Issue!

Header photo Joey George by via Seasonal Dreaming Wedding Inspiration