Rounding out our Polka Dot Wisdom content for our Yellow Issue is this stunningly photographed shoot by Kirsty of Rose & Rhyme Studio! This delicious shoot features a palette of bright and wonderful styling elements! Yellow doesn’t have to be the only colour shining in a colourful wedding scheme, and Janelle from Dark Cherry, along with Nat of Bryan Was Here Furniture, explain how they pulled this shoot together, and some styling ideas for your brilliantly bright & bubbly wedding, and how to incorporate fruit into the whole array! Enjoy “Styling A Colour Pop Wedding Set Up & Using Fruit On Your Cake!”

Nat of Bryan Was Here Furniture talks about the shoot and some great styling advice if you’re wanting to create a set-up like this for your wedding day.

“We wanted to put together a display that evoked joy and the colour palette of coral, pink, oranges and yellows in such a happy and playful combination. The recently renovated space at Old Young’s Kitchen has such a wonderfully airy and light vibe to the space and was the perfect canvas for this setup.”

Pro tip – when using such a bright colour scheme, start with white dining tables to give the beautiful colours a chance to pop!

“We then let Steph from Wallflower Studio run with the bright colour palette brief.  Steph has this amazing ability to take a colour scheme and a few photos for inspiration to create the most beautiful tablescape. It was Steph’s idea to add the fruit which then added the extra textural elements to the table. It also smells amazing!”

“Overall we wanted the setting to feel very organic and pretty but still luxurious.  The crinkle napkin by Table Linen Co added another beautiful textural element, the pink water glasses, the gold in the cutlery by Side Serve and the lighting from Festoon all contributed to the prettiness and luxury we were trying to achieve. Don’t be afraid to add texture with a bright colour scheme for your wedding day. Colourful is enough on its own, but when you add in elements like fruit and textured linens, it can really make the set-up so interesting.”

“We worked with Lydia at Jean Bird Calligraphy to create the menus, placemats and signage. We felt the dominant coral colour with the yellow menu was best to tie everything on the table together, which is a brilliant way to introduce the “colour theme” of your wedding to your guests when they arrive at your reception. And let’s not forget the cake by Janelle of Dark Cherry, with its dried citrus fruit in luxurious yellows, which just finished off the whole aesthetic.”

Janelle from Dark Cherry tells us why using fresh & dried fruit on wedding cakes & styling can be so impactful for your wedding…

“Different fruits have different symbolic importance to various cultures but broadly speaking, if there is an abundance of fresh fruit that can be seen to represent wealth, fertility, vitality and success. Who wouldn’t want these elements symbolised as part of their wedding!”

“Not only can fresh fruit portray these positive attributes symbolically, but it also tastes amazing! Gorgeously ripe, colourful berries, figs and citrus also look stunning when displayed as part of your wedding styling. Teamed with beautiful florals, fresh fruit can provide a “summer-y” splash of colour or moody autumnal tones to your wedding tables. It can be used as part of your centrepieces, or just on your cake to compliment the cake flavours you have chosen. Fresh raspberries go beautifully with a chocolate and raspberry cake, or slices of citrus can add a cool Mediterranean feel to your limoncello sponge!”

About Dark Cherry: Cakes by Dark Cherry is a dream job and passion project all rolled into one for cake artist, Janelle Adams. One of her favourite parts of helping couples choose their wedding cake is the cake tasting session where she gets to see your ‘cake face’ and hear your cake appreciation noises! Get in touch and let her feed you cake!