Look, we will well and truly admit that a polka dot wedding veil makes us somewhat weak at the knees, but there is so much more to love in Spanish designer Sophie Et Voila’s new collection, entitled “Cristóbal”.

“Cristóbal” honours, the philosophy of its namesake – the fashion designer behind high-end brand Balenciaga. “This collection is not about drawing inspiration from his work,” says the creative director of the brand Sofia,  “Nor is it even about emulating his technique or his mastery. That would be, to say the least, an unforgivable boldness. I will not analyze his lines, patterns, or sketches. I am not trying to be someone I cannot.
I do not want to frustrate myself by copying. To know myself as an impostor, incapable, a liar and, in other words, one more. But I want to think I learned. That I took from the master a way of thinking. This collection is about his philosophy and his way of believing in fashion. To know that each dress has a name. One and only one. To say no to what I do not believe in and to bet my life on what excites me.”

And with that, this is a collection that is bold, modern and reflective. It’s a collection through its simplicity, and lack of adornments encourages you to master the greatest challenge of all staying true to yourself.  This is pure elegance in wedding gowns. Subtle pleating, decadent dropped back details, sheer puff sleeves and of course, the aforementioned polka dot veil (the polka dots, glittery silver, for the perfect dotty moment).

And while it is modern and of the moment, it is clear that this design team has not, in fact, created a collection that is all about the trends. It stands on its own two feet and casts it’s own mark on 2022 wedding wear. Sofia telling “At Sophie Et Voilà we never wanted to be commercial. We never thought about being others. Being different was never our goal. Doing something different has been the consequence of opting for doing things our own way.”

Sophie et Voilà can be found in Australia at Sphere Bridal Gallery.