Look, dear friends, we love when a fashion designer turns their hand to wedding gowns, There is always something refined about it, something elegant when you see a designer, who is as loved as Rebecca Vallance create the perfect pieces for walking down the aisle.

Today we debut the designer’s third wedding gown collection which is akin to the last two? There is a lot to love.

This is the collection for the one who wants something elegant, something beautifully designed. There is drama, sure, in oversize bows, puffs sleeves and even feathers, but largely, this is a collection of subtlety. Beautiful laces on fitted frocks, long elegant sleeves on midi gowns, or liquid satin – there’s even sheer polka dots to fall in love with.

There are gowns for a traditional dinner and dancing celebration of course, but there are those that would work beautifully in more casual settings – a registry office, a backyard, or even as a second frock for the dance floor.  And on top of that? Many of the same pieces come in a beautiful deep blue, which makes for a stunning bridesmaid gown option (or something for those averse to white!).  Tell the design team “This season’s bridal collection explores the idea of a “dress for every occasion”. Individuality and personal style replace old-school notions of trends and what someone should be wearing on their wedding day.”

And if the previous collections are anything to go by, you’ll find more than one excuse to pick a favourite (or three!). Our pick, hand on heart is “Francie” because, with its sheer polka dot fabric, it’s the most beautiful frock of whimsy meets chic styling.

Want to shop? The pieces are available at The Rebecca Vallance via the brand’s website and their selected stockists. Want to see more Rebecca Vallance gowns in action? Check them out here.