Ready to shop for sparklers? In the spirit of minimalism, we’re starting at the beginning, because today? We’re all about minimalist engagement rings from Australian and New Zealand designers, and we guarantee you will adore these sparkling rings.

So what exactly makes an engagement ring minimalist? We’ve made our selection based on the simplicity of the style. It isn’t all about size – some of these stunners include the tiniest of gemstones. And it isn’t all about shape; a minimalist engagement ring can feature any stone you want it to. But rather, a minimalist engagement ring is about style. A single gemstone perhaps, a bold, geometric shape, a setting that is modern and unusual. These are the rings that speak solely of beautiful design, considered editing, and pared back detail.

We’ve included something for everyone in our roundup; beautiful gemstones set into thick golden bands, tiny sparkling stones in thin, almost a whisper band, classic solitaire rings. These are the pieces you think of when you think minimalist, let them inspire your dream design. Click on through.