Not only do Emot capture the emotions of a wedding day with beautiful, candid imagery, but they also make the whole process of booking a wedding photographer and/or videographer super easy. Below, we chat to Michael Warshall of Emot Wedding Photography and Videography about how he and his team of hand-picked, professional photographers and videographers are changing up the game with their packages and approach, which includes getting photos back to their couples within just two working days!

Hi Michael! Where are you based?
We are a national brand with teams of professional, experienced wedding photographers and videographers throughout all of Australia.

How long have you been shooting weddings?
Personally, I have been shooting weddings for over 40 years. However, Emot has been active for three years.

You say that Emot is changing the game when it comes to wedding photography. How are you doing that?
We are changing the game by taking the work out of finding a wedding photographer. Traditionally, finding a wedding photographer and videographer has involved going through portfolio after portfolio, enquiring about pricing, navigating terminology to find out what you are actually paying for, and waiting weeks, if not months for your wedding photos.

Emot is proud to be changing the game by offering timely, affordable, convenient, and quality wedding photography with our teams of hand-picked photographers and videographers Australia-wide. Our packages are clear, simple, and affordable. Couples know what they are up for from the get-go. Our booking process is easy – our couples decide on the package and add-ons that suit their wedding, check availability through our website, and then book online in a couple of minutes.

We also have a team of wedding experts on hand to answer any questions our couples have before or after they book. In the lead up to the wedding, we gather all required information in a simple form which is reviewed by our team before the couple’s photographer and/or videographer get in touch to go over the finer details no later than four weeks before the wedding. With a team of editors on hand, we are able to get all photos back to our couples within just two working days of their wedding and our couples can breathe easy knowing that they will own every single beautiful wedding image forever.

Tell us about the photographers on your team…
Our photographers are carefully selected and onboarded to match our style of photography. Our style is unposed, candid, photojournalistic and it captures the moment.

What have been some the biggest changes in weddings since you started out as a wedding photographer?
The biggest change I have seen in the wedding industry is the shift from formal to casual weddings. As time goes by, we are seeing more and more weddings that break tradition. We have seen a change from film to digital cameras, structured to casual ceremonies, church to garden venues, and traditional to relaxed overall vibes of weddings.

What kind of trends have you noticed in the weddings you’ve shot recently?
Fascinator veils, couples walking down the aisle together, and grooms sporting suit jackets that are a different colour to their trousers. These trends follow wedding days evolving from more formal and large affairs to more casual and intimate events.

What about on the wedding day?
Wedding days have evolved from more formal and large affairs, to smaller, more intimate gatherings. Wedding days have become more relaxed and have a greater focus on the couple and their closest family and friends.

How important is it to make a connection with them?
We hear a lot about the importance of a connection with your photographer, and although we think it is important to get along with your photographer, we think that sometimes the idea of finding a photographer that you connect with overshadows what is really important. When looking for a photographer, we think it is important to consider your wants and needs. Do you want a photographer that suits your budget or maybe a photographer with a fast turnaround on photos? As any professional photographer should, we will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day, but we will do so while capturing the photos you want, remaining budget friendly and transparent with our pricing, and doing our best to make the entire process as easy and stress free as possible.

Do you offer engagement sessions?
We offer engagement sessions on request. We believe that engagement sessions are nice to have if your budget allows for it but are not an essential aspect of wedding photography. If an engagement session is something that you would like to be part of your wedding journey, we are more than happy to accommodate.

What’s your favourite style of wedding to photograph?
We photograph so many different styles of wedding it is hard to choose a favourite! However, I think my favourite style is themed weddings. We captured a gorgeous viking themed wedding for our couple, Nikki, and Samuel, at Castle Rumble. It was so lovely to see Nikki and Samuel marry in a ceremony that was so unique and truly represented them. What made it even better was that every single one of their guests fully committed to the theme and helped to make their special day that much more magical. I guess now looking back on this wedding, it wasn’t so much the theme itself that I loved, it was the fact that the style of wedding was perfect for Nikki and Samuel which resulted in an amazing day for them and their guests and lead to their personalities being showcased, enhanced emotions and many gorgeous moments.

Why is having a videographer on your wedding day a good idea?
So much time, money, and effort go into a wedding day to make it perfect. We always tell our couples to try to be as present as possible during their special days so that they can enjoy every moment of what will be one of the best days of their life. However, with so many emotions present and so many things happening, it is sometimes hard to take a moment during the whirlwind of a day. Having a videographer there to capture every moment means that you can relive your wedding day again and again. It is always so special to be able to look back on the moments, see and feel the emotions, and replay your wedding day from an angle that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen. If your budget allows for it, we 100% recommend that you consider getting a wedding video. Your wedding day won’t last forever but the memories can.

You pour so many hours of work into a wedding! What’s some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that couples might not realise you do, especially after the wedding?
We have a whole team of people that work behind the scenes to make your wedding photography and videography dreams come true. Couples might not realise how many people play a role in your wedding photography and videography. When you book with us, you speak with our wedding consultants, your payments and invoices are dealt with by our admin team, our system to make the entire process easy was built and is constantly being tweaked by our tech team, your wedding is captured by our photography and videography team, and your photos and video are edited with love and care by our editing team. Every member of our team is committed to giving you the best experience possible and are always so happy to see your wedding plans turn into beautiful memories.

Best testimonial you’ve ever received?
“From start to finish Emot have been absolutely wonderful to deal with. The team has been so wonderful to deal with in the lead up to our day with all our enquiries. We were absolutely blessed with our photographer and videographer. Both were the most wonderful, professional men and so fun to work with. They made the day even more special and had us so comfortable and laughing throughout the whole day. Our guests absolutely loved them both. We received our photos back within a few days and they are all to perfection. Our video came just a few weeks later and was just as spectacular. Thank you so much Emot for everything in making our day so wonderful.”

Thank you for sharing the Emot story with us, Michael! To find out more about Emot Photography and Videography, head on over to their website or the Polka Dot Directory.