Where your wedding is set can create the perfect backdrop for your day. If you’re wanting to create a minimalist theme for your day, sometimes the venue or setting works well to bring about that vibe! The team from Lovereel has given us some venues & settings that will make your minimalist wedding pop, and tell us why putting a little thought into the location can amplify the look and feel of “less is more” on your day, and why this works for your capturing your wedding in images & film! Enjoy “How The Right Location Can Make Your Minimalist Wedding!”

Mali Brae Farm is one of our favourite venues for shooting a minimalist wedding for a few reasons. Wedding ceremonies require little to no styling at this spot as you’re already outdoors, surrounded by the beautiful countryside and well-kept gardens. Once you move indoors for the reception, you’re more or less in a glorified shed with some well-placed fairy lights. It might sound simple, but check out Anna & Justin’s wedding film… everything just looks so cosy and natural!

Anna & Justin Short Film from Lovereel

Sometimes you may not even need a venue, thus having your ceremony in the Australian bush is likely to remove the need for pretty much any styling… simply put on some nice wedding attire and maybe have some flowers in hand and you’re sorted. Here’s our couple Caecilia & Dylan who did just that…

Caecilia & Dylan Highlight Film from Lovereel
A minimalist venue can benefit a wedding video greatly, simply by providing a beautiful backdrop for your wedding film (and photos too, of course). It’s hard to go wrong if the venue is located on a well-kept farm-like property or waterside house with river or ocean views, however, we have filmed many weddings in the city too. Check out Courtney & Darren’s wedding which took place at the Beta Events venue which has more of a historic vibe… which makes sense, given that it is in fact a historic Victorian building.

Courtney & Darren Short Film from Lovereel

Having a Short Film or Highlight Film edited by Lovereel simply means that our professional film editors will be putting together all of the best and most important shots and moments from your wedding day into one chronological, cohesive wedding film. And whether you’re having a minimalist wedding or a big wedding, having a beautiful setting, be it indoor or outdoor, is going to lay the foundations for a gorgeous wedding film and photos.

Here’s a gorgeous wedding we captured in the Blue Mountains, serving as further proof it’s all about location location location (and you)!

Rhiannon & Ahmad Highlight Film from Lovereel

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