With a colour palette of black and white, a rooftop, an urban location and all the chic styling you could dream of, we knew we just had to include the story of Kate & Kevin in The Minimalist Issue. This is a story of classic, elegant monochrome style, with plenty of fun (killer views, cocktails and a piñata fit the bill?). With Bulb Creative behind the camera (for both stills and film!) this was a day that is going to make you want to slip on your dancing shoes and grab a coupe of champagne.

After meeting while both working as chemists, the pair became engaged at Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, Kate fills us in, “We met working at a Terry White Chemist (our boss, who we both love dearly, is one of our witnesses). Kevin was a pharmacist and I was a pharmacy assistant. Kevin used to come and cover the pharmacist’s lunch break at the store where I was working and while Kevin was supposed to be in charge it was usually me telling Kevin to stop doing stupid things (eg. playing frisbee with the Lipitor boxes or playing pranks on the other pharmacy assistants).

There was a big group of young people who worked at Terry White and would hang out and do things all the time. Kevin and I started to do additional things (such as going to the opera and movies) as friends. One day, on the way to Dreamworld with the Terry White group, one of my friends, Dhama, (who is our other witness) made the situation very awkward by saying that we should date. From then, Kevin spent time asking me out in some traditional and very creative ways – flowers, brownies, stealing a glass jar filled with fairy lights and sending Ryan Gosling memes where Ryan encouraged us to date (I was unsure and didn’t want to ruin the friendship). Eventually, Kevin succeeded and showed that persistence is key.

We got engaged in a photo booth in Tokyo near Shibuya Crossing. Kevin was flying in from attending a medical conference in Spain and I flew in to meet him from Japan. After having the ring strapped to his person for 3 weeks in Europe, he proposed the first day we reunited.”

Bulb Creative not only captured the photos of the day but also captured the day unfolding on film, a decision Kate raves about. “The team at Bulb Creative were amazing. They made two very photo nervous people very comfortable and enjoyed the whole process. Their photos are spectacular and just capture everything our day was. We loved their unique modern, yet classically elegant style.”

Kevin wanted a classic look, choosing a tuxedo from Black Jacket Suiting. Says Kate “Kevin wanted a classic black suit to fit with the theme and because James Bond looks cool in a classic black suit. He chose a suit with a satin lapel, a shirt with black buttons and a bowtie. He wore black socks with Iron Man embroidered on them.”

Kate found her  Pronovias gown at Silk Bridalwear Birmingham, having it altered at Paddington Weddings. The story starts in England. “Purchasing my dress was an interesting story. The year before our wedding we were living in England in the middle of the pandemic. With all of the travel restrictions, we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to get back in time for me to be able to order a dress back in Brisbane.

Eventually, I decided that I would have to look for a dress in the UK by myself without my mum or bridesmaids. I had the appointment all booked in to go alone, but when my wonderful teaching partner found out I was going alone she insisted she come along and play big sister for the day. She and the bridal shop organised to have my parents facetimed and had this 360 viewing disc so they could see everything and be involved. It was not what I ever imagined, but it was very special.

My dress was very classic and simple. It was a crepe boatneck dress that had glass beads detail on the front and the low back. It was everything I didn’t know I wanted and the first dress I tried on.”


The monochrome vibes were embodied throughout the floral details, which were styled by Kate Dawes Flower Design. “When I was first talking to Kate Dawes I said I wanted a classic, simple and monochrome with a bit of green and gold and from there she took my (pretty vague) ideas and went above and beyond” explains Kate. “It was everything we could have wanted and more, especially her work on the piñata stand. There were orchids in my bouquet which were a tie to my Mum’s side of the family.”

Accompanied by her father, Kate walked down the aisle to “Bright” by Echosmith.

The couple, who wanted a personal ceremony, chose Erin Woodhall to officiate. They tell  “We wanted the ceremony to reflect us – simple, light-hearted and full of love. Our Celebrant, Erin Woodhall was perfect. She truly went out of her way to make sure that the ceremony represented and celebrated us. It was very light-hearted and reflected our competitive spirit – we started comparing who had written longer vows midway through.”

The couple were married at Brisbane hotel The Calile Hotel, the venue where they also got ready for the day, as well as celebrated their reception.  Says Kate “I could not rate Kate and her amazing team highly enough, They were truly wonderful and nothing was too much bother. The venue was classic and elegant and just so very cool.”

Does Kate have plenty of favourite photos of the day? One of them is above, “There is a photo that truly captures our relationship and it is one where Kevin is kissing me on the forehead.  I have the biggest grin on my face and am mid-laugh about something he said.”

Getting married? Kate has this advice for you. “Have fun and make sure it is what you want – not everyone else. Have a plan but accept that things may change and that is okay. Surround yourself with people you love.”

As with every pandemic wedding, there were special absent guests, but Kate and Kevin made them a part of the day! “Kevin’s sisters were unable to attend due to the pandemic travel restrictions so we made sure to mention them in our ceremony and facetime them after. Little did we know they had prepared an animated video presentation to play at the reception which left us both in tears.”

For their dance floor debut, Kate and Kevin took to the floor to an acoustic version of “Still Into You” by Paramore.

The biggest of congratulations to you both Kate and Kevin! Thank you for taking the time to share your stories with us, and thank you to Bulb Creative for sharing today’s beautiful celebration with us.