Styling a minimalist wedding is often a great way to keep to a more modest budget. There are also so many great ways you can be creative and clever about choosing particular styling props to lend themselves to this type of styling. Regardless of budget, choosing to style ‘minimal’ is also often a gorgeous clean, classic and simple way to style your wedding and usually being kind to the environment too. We, the team at The Wedding and Event Creators, have put together 3 reasons why a minimalist wedding can be budget friendly below!

Less is More

The key to styling a minimalist-vibe wedding is to not over-clutter. Keeping things simple with just a few feature pops of styling here and there will both keep to the theme and also save on costs by reducing the quantity of what you need.

For example, instead of 50 candles on your long tables, you might only have a few here and there eg 20 which means you are cutting down by over half of your hire costs for things like candles, table runners and more.

Minimal Florals

We love flowers, don’t get me wrong! They add such a beautiful element to all weddings from bringing in texture, colour and overall prettiness to tabletop styling…… but…..when working to a minimal style the idea is to keep it simple with your flowers.

Instead of over the top more lavish arrangements on the table that may cost you a large portion of your budget, instead, opt for a much more simple style of single stem bud vases dotted here and there. This will cut down on your budget quite a bit by limiting the florals, foliage and labour costs in putting the arrangements together.

It’s also a possible DIY option to save on costs, perhaps you can purchase your florals in buckets and have a working bee with your wedding party the day prior or two (if manageable of course!), cutting your single stems and placing them into bud vases you have hired or bought second hand. Having a few helpers won’t take too long and will save on any floral-labour costs. Maybe you even know someone with a rose garden or olive trees you can ‘borrow a few!’

Choose ‘One’ of the ‘Other’

Instead of having ‘all of the things’ for your wedding styling, when it comes to styling your tablescape for a minimal wedding try and use the K.I.S.S method and keep it simple! Opt for one styling element and remove or reduce other elements by choosing just 1 simple element to style with and cull other pieces rather than having ‘both’ props.

For example instead of having both menu cards and place cards at each setting, instead, go for place cards only and just a few menu cards per table (not per setting) or a menu board showing the food choices or you can combine your menu and place card into one paper feature, cutting down on stationery and printing expenses.

Other examples are you might choose to stick with 1 style of candle and not 3 varieties on your guest tables, or maybe you decide to cut out the ‘charger’ plate from under your regular plate (cutting down on the hire cost) but also keeping it nice and clean and simple on the table with one main plate only.

One idea is you can choose to have foliage or greenery runners down your table rather than full floral arrangements or scrap the cost of favours/bomboniere and instead your guests can take home the leftover flowers from the tables at the end of the night, still a lovely gesture but definitely saving $$ on the individual favour costs.

A minimalist wedding really is the perfect option for those budget-conscious couples but also for couples whose style and aesthetic (or even type of food service) lend themselves to a more simple style.

It’s all about being strategic and mindful of your choices to choose styling props and elements that are specifically chosen because you love them and also because they stick within your budget.

About The Wedding and Event Creators: At The Wedding & Event Creators, our team is able to offer a comprehensive approach to your wedding by having everything in-house! We can cover all your styling, hiring, planning, coordination, set up and floral needs. We can assist from the beginning with styling concept and design through to set up, hire goodies, florals and then execution on the wedding day.