For when you want your engagement ring to be as sparkly and bright as possible we’re pretty sure you can’t go past a yellow diamond. Am I right?! Still diving into the classic diamond realm, but just taking the volume up a notch, yellow diamonds are truly your best friend, and are forever! How to incorporate yellow diamonds into your bling? Enjoy “Yellow Diamonds: Light Up Your Engagement Ring!” from the wonderful team at Diamondport.

Are they the light of your life? Does their smile light up the room? Do you feel the warmth of their energy whenever they are close? If answered yes to any of these questions, a yellow diamond is a perfect choice to celebrate your relationship.

A symbol of love, optimism & happiness, the yellow diamond is becoming a popular choice to light up your engagement ring. Yellow diamonds are the most common ‘rare’ coloured diamond. Naturally forming in all hues from fancy light to vivid, the yellow diamond was most recently popularised by celebrity Kelly Clarkson who sports a whopping 5-carat center stone.

A tip for young players –  for the price of a smaller ‘white’ diamond (the most popular), you can secure a larger yellow diamond in its place. It’s a win-win – something unique and special for your custom engagement ring and more bling for your buck! 

Images: Ryan Harrison

Let’s Get Science-y…..

Just like adding a pinch of saffron to a dish can change everything, in this case, nitrogen is the hero ingredient that transforms a white diamond by giving it a sparkling yellow hue. Other than that, yellow diamonds are formed exactly the same way as white diamonds.

Maybe you love yellow diamonds but want your engagement ring to be a bit more subtle – why not surround the centre stone with a yellow diamond halo?

Here’s our Wattle Engagement Ring reimagined with a yellow diamond halo!

Image & Video: Susannah Twine

Keep It Shiny

Taking care of your engagement ring should be a top priority. You need to look after your engagement ring no matter the center stone or design. While you obviously want to wear it everywhere you go, there are some times when you should take it off (and place it somewhere safe).

Wearing your engagement ring every day can sometimes dim its shine. Regular cleaning is essential to not only keep your ring sparkling but also protect it from further damage. We recommend a yearly service which you can get done by visiting our Brisbane studio, located in the Queen Street Mall.

Image: Susannah Twine

So if you’re dreaming of yellow diamonds, the team at Diamondport will work with you to create the perfect engagement ring. Whether you already have a design in mind or you’re looking for help, we will guide you through the entire selection and design process!

About Diamondport: Diamondport Engagement Ring Specialists are here to work with you to make sure your proposal is something neither of you will forget. As well as helping you design the perfect engagement ring, we can also help you figure out how you’re going to propose and give you tips to make it as memorable as possible. All of our rings are made on-site in our Brisbane studio and we pride ourselves on the 5-star service we provide! There’s a reason we’re the first choice for engagement rings in Brisbane. We don’t just believe in creating the ‘dream’, we have the design flair and master craftsman skills to make your dream a reality.