Yellow is the entire theme for May here at Polka Dot Wedding, and we cannot help but fall in love with every bright and beautiful photo coming our way. Today’s story? The sunflower filled engagement photos for Neal and Latha. It’s bright and beautiful, a little casual and plenty of fun. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday I hear you say!

Latha is a big fan (just like us, luckily) of sunflowers, and wanted something bright and happy for her and Neal’s engagement session. “I love photography and dabble in some amateur photography. So I  wanted a unique setting and envisioned a photoshoot in a flower field, surrounded by beauty, vibrance and light to capture the sheer happiness and love we felt for each other.” The duo teamed up with photographer Anna Selent and headed to the country sunflower farm Pick Your Own Sunflowers in, Dunnstown.

It was a beautiful next step for a couple who started their relationship in the middle of Melbourne’s very grey and miserable lockdowns of 2020, Latha explains, “We connected virtually in the middle of 2020, shortly before Melbourne plunged into its second and toughest lockdown. Our connection was instant – within days, we were having deep conversations about our hopes for the future and the kind of life we sought to build with our significant other. Connecting in the middle of lockdown, we refused to be *that* couple who met on a “walking date” for the first time. And so, we decided to meet over a “real date” when restrictions eased…. So we texted constantly and chatted on the phone any chance we had. After about 2 months of virtual communication, we finally conceded that it was time to put our chemistry to the test in person.

We braved our first date, clad in masks and running shoes in true pandemic-style, circling laps around Royal Park, wishing we didn’t have to adhere to the two-hour restriction on outdoor exercise. The date went far better than we both anticipated and as the saying goes, the rest is history!”

And when Melbourne opened back up. Neal jumped on the opportunity to ask Latha to marry him. “Neal tricked me into believing we had a corporate cocktail event to attend with his colleagues. He even got one of his colleagues to create an Outlook Event to aid in his ruse, leaving me none the wiser. Neal had booked out a penthouse suite in Prahran with sensational skyline views of Melbourne and went all out with a stylist and a professional photographer to set the scene. I was absolutely blown away by the set-up and could not believe the lengths he went to surprise me.

Set against the gorgeous backdrop of the city skyline at sunset, it was the easiest “yes” of my life. Moreover, he got my sister to fly in from Singapore for the big day, leaving me in tears, followed by a surprise dinner with some of our closest friends. Honestly, it was the best day ever!”

On Latha, Neal remarks “Latha is the kindest and most attentive person that I’ve ever met. I love the way she lights up my day, no matter how hard it’s been. She selflessly and genuinely cares for those around her with an abundance of love and warmth, which is radiant. She makes me a better, happier person and I couldn’t ask for more in my future wife.”

As proof of when you know, you know, these two weren’t even able to date in person much! Latha explains “As if dating in the middle of a pandemic wasn’t tricky enough, Neal returned to Auckland in September 2020 for four months to be with his family as his brother was getting married and to avoid needing to fork out thousands for his mandatory hotel quarantine. Between lockdown and Latha being based out of Bendigo for work, we honestly only had three dates before Neal left for New Zealand!!! It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come since then, but we’re also incredibly grateful for the foundation our unexpected “long-distance” relationship provided.”

On her future husband, Latha shares “Neal is the most patient, calm and loving person I know. He balances out my crazy ideas and is my daily reminder of truly living in the present. Neal sees me for exactly who I am and accepts me so totally that I feel invincible. His love and commitment fill me with strength and I know with certainty that whatever obstacle we might face in the future, we would tackle together.”