Sunflowers for every guest? Yes, please! That sunny, yellow, cheerful flower that conjures thoughts of breezy fields full of happiness is an easy gift to give to your friends and family with seeds they can sow come summertime. Fill a mini glass vial with these easy-to-grow seeds for a sweet favour that will bring much joy when those blooms show their happy faces. Give this So Simple Sunflower Seed Wedding Favours DIY Tutorial a go at home!

What You Will Need

  • Glass vials or test tubes
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Ribbon & tags

Step One

Ensure your glass containers are clean and thoroughly dry. Decant your sunflower seeds into a container. Fill each container and seal tightly.

Step Two

Print off or design tags with growing instructions and names, if using as a place tag. Decorate each glass tube with a yellow ribbon and a tag. Lay each gift on plate settings, or layer them in a sweet container surrounded by sunflowers with a ‘please take one’ sign propped next to your display.

These sweet sunflower seed favours can be made well in advance of your event, making them a quick and easy wedding DIY that not only looks beautiful but will keep the memory of your wedding going months later with sunny blooms!