It was early on in wedding planning that Kate and Adam decided that they wanted their wedding to be just about them. So they ditched the big wedding, and instead, handed over all the stress, all the worry, to their wedding planners. All they had to do? Show up on the day to their dream location (aptly called “Paradise”) and say their vows.

It was just as absolutely perfect, as absolutely simple and as absolutely romantic as it sounds, and thanks to Lauren Campbell (and cinematographers Bulb Creative) we get to tell their story in absolute beauty. Because this is not only a tale of how two people eloped in New Zealand, it’s a tale of how they got there through love, and life together. Says Kate “There are many aspects of our relationship which make us feel so grateful that our paths crossed. Our shared love of creating experiences, and memories and making every outing an adventure.

We share a love of travel, nice food and wine and our furbaby Leroy. The unwavering support and encouragement we lend each other, no matter what we choose to take on. We both work hard, Adam as an Engineering Consultant and myself in Medical Logistics but at the end of the day, coming home and being able to share a wine and talk through the highs and lows of the day with someone who has your back no matter what, that’s what it is all about.

It was when living in completely different places, that these two first met, says Kate “Adam and I met when neither of us was looking. Funny how that happens. We lived in different states at the time but soon enough realised that this was really something incredible. Adam made the move from Adelaide to Sydney and the rest is history.”

Kate found her midi-length wedding gown at City Chic. “I went and tried on the stereotypical wedding dresses, and very nearly bought one but it just didn’t seem right, it didn’t seem to me. In the end, simplicity won out and I chose something simple, elegant and classic.” Adam wore a custom suit made by Montagio Custom Tailoring.

The couple prepared for the day together, their parents waiting at the hotel while they wed, ready to celebrate with a champagne-filled dinner. “We were lucky enough to stay in the incredible penthouse at the Sofitel Queenstown and it was the perfect place to wake up and spend the day getting ready” explains Kate, “Adam and I chose to share the experience of getting ready together, it was special to spend the experience together. We just didn’t want any time apart during the day.”

Kate and Adam chose  Elopement Collective to bring every part of their day to life, Kate explaining “I had been following the Elopement Collective for many years (before Adam and I had even met ) and I had always loved the idea and the romance of an elopement.

The Elopement Collective was perfect in every way. Britt was incredible and Josh gave us the intimate and relaxed ceremony, full of laughter and love that we always hoped for. It was exactly us!”

The couple wed in Paradise, on New Zealand’s South Island.  “We knew we wanted to travel to NZ and when we saw photos of Paradise, we knew it was perfect not only by name, but it was somewhere truly spectacular. A place we could revisit over and over again and still feel overwhelmed by its beauty and the associated memories.

Arriving in Paradise was incredible. Around every turn was another beautiful view. When we finally arrived at the ceremony location, we were just speechless and left feeling very humbled by the beauty and grandeur of the area. The rest of the day was exactly as we had hoped. We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more and explored the area as our incredible photographer made us feel totally at ease and captured the day perfectly. Above all, we had so much FUN, just unbelievable FUN.
We arrived back at the hotel, hearts full, we cracked the Krug and re-lived the truly perfect day.”

The couple was married by Josh Withers, with the mountains as their backdrop and a little fun along the way! “The ceremony was short, sweet, intimate, full of adventure and very us. During our vows, we played paper scissors rock to see who read their vows first. It was a cute little moment between the two of us that relaxed the mod and made us laugh. We also made pinky promises to each other during our vows.”

Kate has this very important advice for you. “Just remember it is about you and your partner. Whether making decisions about the wedding itself or down the track. It can be easy to be swayed by others and their expectations on what you ‘should do’.
Life is about having fun and if you have the right person by your side, the fun will never be far behind.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much we love the photos” says Kate of Lauren Campbell. “When we shared them with our family and friends and they have all been blown away. So many comments on how wonderfully Lauren captured the crazy range of emotions we went through. Seeing them takes us right back to that day and that is truly invaluable. Words will never be enough to thank her for capturing our special, magical, fun and adventurous elopement.”

The biggest congratulations to you both Kate and Adam. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and thank you to Lauren Campbell for sending this one our way!