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When we first found out about Happy Glamper, we cheered! They offer such a fabulous, memorable service that truly takes weddings to the next level. Happy Glamper are all about unique, mobile glamping experiences that are perfect for guest accommodation. They are leading the way in providing bespoke bell tents villages throughout Australia – perfect for when you’d like your guests to stay on location (wedding weekend, anyone?). For guests, this takes the stress out of finding their own accommodation or travelling to and from the venue. Plus, staying in one of these amazing tents is a whole lot of fun! Below, we chat to Ross Dillistone of Happy Glamper who runs us through how the tents can be used, how the Happy Glamper team makes the whole process super easy (read: no extra tasks for you), and why mobile glamping is becoming more and more popular in the wedding space.

Tell us about Happy Glamper and your bell tent villages…
Bell tent villages make a really unique and memorable accommodation option for your guests. It helps to turn the wedding into a real event spread over the weekend. Couples love being able to see their family and friends for a fun breakfast the next day where they can all talk about the fun of the day before!

Which states do you travel to? Do you require a minimum number to travel to other Australian states?
We love to travel and travel throughout Victoria, NSW, ACT and SA! Depending on the distance, we do have a minimum number of tents of around 5-10 tents.

Where are your tents best used?
Our tents are really versatile, they are often used at campsites for a weekend getaway, even for a romantic anniversary getaway. Or they are used for backyard glamping when people want to have guests stay over or a sleepover party. But we love setting up for weddings the best as there is nothing better than seeing a number of bell tents all together creating a beautiful backdrop for a wedding! We set up for weddings on private properties and wedding venues and are happy to help make suggestions for people if they need venue ideas.

Is there a particular style of wedding that you mostly provide your accommodation for?
Not really, but we tend to set up for people who just want something really special and memorable for their guests and for those who have chosen a location further afield and want to make accommodation options easy for their guests.

Does your team provide all the styling and set up (and pack down) of the tents? What do you provide? What do guests need to bring with them?
Our team set up and pack down everything and include all the bedding and everything required. The guests only need to pack their own belongings so this makes it a really simple and easy option for guests. Guests can also choose various additional options for the glamping tent as well, depending on their needs.

How do you assist the couple with bookings – are you able to take this detail off their hands?
Yes, we make the guest booking process really easy for the couple so they don’t need to worry about a thing. We create an online booking site to be added to the invitations so guests book their own tent option through there and can communicate directly with us if they have any questions. We then do all the communication with glamping guests prior to the wedding so they know exactly which tent is theirs upon arrival as well.

How are you able to assist the couple on the wedding day?
We do offer an optional concierge service if required and can help in any way the couple would like us to. We are really flexible with our service and want to make sure the couple can have as a relaxed experience as possible so they can enjoy their special day completely!

What are guests’ comments when they see and experience their accommodation?
Guests are always so surprised by the spaciousness inside the glamping bell tents and the comfort of the mattresses. They love the experience and love being able to stay on site with all of their friends and family for the wedding. It really does add another dimension to the wedding!

How do the Lotus Belle and Emperor tents differ from your other tents?
The Lotus Belle tent is a beautiful special tent that the wedding couple often use. This is a round style tent with an outer “onion” layer bringing a unique look to the glamping tent. The Emperor is a larger tent, more rectangle in shape, great for bigger groups such as the wedding party or as a lounge area or a space for the wedding party to get ready together in.

How many guests are you able to accommodate in your tent village?
We have close to 200 tents so can accommodate close to 1000 people if required.

What are your other interests apart from your business?
I have three young girls at home so I love spending time with them and also love getting out and running.

Where to from here – how do you see Happy Glamper developing as we come out of the pandemic?
Keeping weddings and accommodation outdoors has become a popular way to try to reduce the spread of COVID and is bringing versatility to weddings who do not have another accommodation option. People are really wanting to be with their family and friends now after so long apart and this is a great way to be able to do this.

Thank you for sharing how amazing Happy Glamper is, Ross! Your incredible tents are definitely the ultimate treat for guests – something they will remember (and talk about) forever. To find out more about Happy Glamper, head on over to their website or the Polka Dot Directory.