There is no doubt in our mind that yellow brings more than a little joy to your wedding day, so why not leave your guests with a little touch of the happiest colour as they depart? Today, in celebration of The Yellow Issue,  we’ve pulled together six ideas for yellow wedding favours that we hands down know your guests are going to adore.

Yellow favours not only particularly lend themselves to delicious tasty treats, but this bright pop of colour can also easily add something special to your reception table. Imagine beige linens and white flowers with green olive leaves, surrounded by rows of bright yellow olive oil, for example. Soft lemony yellow with pale blue and white, with jars of lemon curd for something fresh. Let your imagination guide your favours as decor, and not just traditions!


Our favourite yellow wedding favour? Well, it has to be limoncello! Really easy to make yourself, or to buy, this delicious lemon liqueur, is a perfect idea for a yellow wedding favour in individual bottles for each guest.

Favours from Ambra Spirits Photo by Emma Faith Photography via Sophia & Michael’s Tuscan Inspired Summer Wedding

Local Honey

There is something really special about giving local produce to your guests. And what better than locally produced honey? The goodness of this sweet treat will not only be useful for guests but can also honour your wedding location.

Photo by Matt Ashton Photography via Laura & Mitch’s Modern Wedding At Seacliff House

Olive Oil

Beautiful olive oils never go to waste and their golden hues look incredible set down on tables. While beautiful quality oil alone is perfect, infusing it with local herbs and spices can also make it something super special.

Photo by Darin Collison Photography via Jo & Andy’s Elegant Melbourne City Wedding

Custom Cocktail Syrup

We completely stole this idea from the image below of the wedding favours or Zora and Michael. These two mixed up single serves of their very favourite cocktail syrup, providing their guests with a recipe and instructions to add to gin and shake it up. A fun idea to really personalise your wedding favours with your own favourite tipple recipe.

Photo by Smith + Archer via Zora & Michael’s Vintage Inspired Little Church Wedding

Lemon Curd

Of course, we had to include two lemon-based favours in this guide, because what better way to honour yellow than with lemons? Lemon curd is an utter delight (on fresh toast with butter, on ice cream, on dessert!) so jars of tart lemon curd? Always going to be a winner.

Photo by Erica Cummins via Kate and Josh’s Fun Country Wedding


Not a fan of edible wedding favours? Handmade soaps are another great option. They’re usable – so your guests won’t have your favour lurking in a cupboard, but they’re also a beautiful way to honour local makers. Vicki and Luke (their favours pictured) chose a maker to create soaps that honoured their wedding location – Cable Beach.

Soaps by Hidden Valley Handcrafts Photo by Angela Higgins via Vicki and Luke’s Beautiful Cable Beach Wedding

Want even more ideas?

  • Passionfruit biscuits
  • Yellow macarons
  • Yellow lollies like M&Ms,  Smarties and buttered popcorn jelly bellies
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Potted daffodil plants
  • Beeswax candles
  • Bags of gourmet buttered popcorn