A mutual friend had a feeling, well before Nour and Sam had even met that they’d be a good match. Biding their time (which turned into a few years) they waited until just the right moment and the result? (And the patience) well, it speaks for itself, because today? We get to share their wedding reception!

Captured beautifully by Image Haus, was a wedding that was timeless, glamour and utterly sparkling, A wedding that while on the outside is full of glam details, on the inside, is packed full of soul. “The most important thing to Sam and I was to have our wedding represent us in every which way” explained Nour. “This meant it being minimal yet memorable, family-orientated, traditional, timeless & effortless. We focused on creating an environment/vibe that emphasised on the inclusion of family and friends – this was done by projecting a photo of every person at the wedding on the vintage face-brick similar to that of the restaurant BAR-M.

Sam and I originally wanted to have an outdoor wedding where we could dance under the stars, seeing that this was more impossible than not with Sydney’s current wedding prices we opted to have fairy lights which gave the most dreamy-like vibe ever. Sam and I are old souls – we are passionate about all things classic and vintage – this had us playing Frank Sinatra all night long and the incorporation of old-school Porsche’ & Jaguars.”

And of course, it then makes sense that that old soul’s sixth sense gave Nour the slightest thought that Sam was about to propose. “As mentioned before Sam and I are old souls – girls have a 6th sense when it comes to having a feeling of when a guy is about to propose. But my 6th sense was side-swept when Sam proposed to me at the most unexpected hour (which I LOVED). On a random Sunday afternoon, I was captivated by a sci-fi movie at home, still in my pjs, rocking a barely-washed face and thinking to myself  ‘God when is Sam going to propose, any sudden change of vibe I’m going to know straight away’.

Not long after my brother calls me to help him downstairs with something. When I get there the door bell simultaneously rings – which I open and find Sam kneeling down on one knee like how they used to do it back in the day haha. Totally unexpected. No makeup, hair not brushed, in my robe and no shoes. The most effortless you can get but of course we re-enacted and took more photos once I got dressed up.”

Nour’s decadent lace gown was designed and made by Leah Da Gloria. “My ultimate wedding inspiration was Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean. I have always LOVED trumpet lace sleeves, a cinched in/corseted waist and a boat neckline that accentuates a woman’s decollétage. I have photos dating back from 2016 with the sleeves of my dreams – commonly seen with dress designers like Zuhair Murad & Paolo Sebastian.

This meant when I started the (custom made) dress process I didn’t try on any dresses because I was so headstrong with my style. BUT despite all this midway through the dressing process, I had a little freak out (maybe because I never tried on any other dress style) where I wanted to go 360 with my dress. Silk. Ballgown.

Blame it on social media (unfollow wedding dress inspo pages on Instagram once you start your dress) or maybe Uni stresses but I was so unsure about my dress. Ultimately I realised that it was a safer option to go with the style I started with and have continuously fallen in love with over the years rather than a temporary ‘what if’. Looking back I’m so glad I stuck with my original decision because it suited and represented me best.”

“Henryk from ImageHaus is next level” tells Nour of the couple’s chosen photographer. “Imagine having your good friend follow you around with a camera and shoot the most beautiful, unexpected photos ever – that’s how it felt with Henryk from ImageHaus. He is the most down to earth, cool guy you will ever come across. He was able to use any backdrop and capture the most unique photos.”

Sam’s look? A classic black tux from Suave Bespoke. Nour telling “James Bond. Roped shoulders. Slim-fitting Tailored pants.”


Emotions were at the heart of Nour and Sam’s wedding day, so it’s this that Nour gives as advice for you. “You will feel a lot of emotions on the other day … the best thing to do is not stop smiling – that way your brain releases a consistent amount of endorphins that help you get through the stresses and you look good in pictures.

Pack a mini bag that you take with you to the photoshoot locations and reception, comprising of tissues, Panadol, antihistamine, bandaids (blister ones help), lip balm (!!), lipstick and a brush..”

Nora and Sam hosted a glamorous reception for their guests at The Grounds – Linseed House. An experience Nour describes as unforgettable.  “Walking into our reception we couldn’t have asked for more – our vendors went above and beyond to make it an absolute dream for us. Never in a million years could I have imagined it turned out how it did. The fairy lights were the most perfect addition to light up the night beautifully.”

The blooms complemented the glam gold colour palette in hues of white and blush pink says, Nour. “Flowers are expensive these days so we tried to limit them by having every second table with a beautiful champagne/blush/ivory floral arrangement and the other tables with tall standing candelabras. It was important to us that the bridal table was dense with florals and looked like a whimsical, over-grown cascading garden. My bouquet was comprised of blush roses and grey orchids.” The reception was styled by  The Brides Table. “Trish transformed the venue beyond expectation – she was so easy to deal with leading up to the wedding and it is so important to have someone you trust to make your vision reality.”

The old-world glamour continued with the couple’s chosen first dance song “La Vie En Rose” by Louis Armstrong. Says Nour “Classical tunes are always our go-to – whenever we listened to “La Vie en Rose” by Louis Armstrong it would give us goosebumps and so it was the perfect match for our vintage style reception.”

“Sam and I wanted to celebrate not only our love but the love we have for our family and friends who attended. To express our gratitude to every one of them I created a black and white slide show that presented all sorts of photos of every guest – old & new, funny & serious. We loved seeing their excitement when they saw a photo of themselves come up.”

Nour and Sam chose Salt Atelier to capture this beautiful film of their love story.

A big congratulations to you both Sam and Nour! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us and thank you to Image Haus for sharing today’s celebration!