Finishing off our Sunshine Coast Issue on our Wisdom page is the terrific Graeme Passmore with “Hinterland Spots On The Sunshine Coast To Capture Your Dream Shots” – there really is nothing like getting the best locations tips from one of the Sunny Coast’s finest photographers…

I don’t want to brag, but honestly, I have the dream job. I get to travel to beautiful places all around the country and the world capturing love in all its glory. But with all the special places I’ve been to, something has the Sunshine Coast Hinterland at the top of my list of places I absolutely love shooting. It’s home and I’d love to share it with you. Here are just a handful of my favourite locations I love capturing wedding photos.

One Tree Hill – Maleny

These days One Tree Hill may not be the most secret place to many locals on the Sunshine Coast, but to many visitors to the area, along with many of us in the wedding industry, it still blows our mind with its beauty. It’s an absolute one of a kind. That is why it was impossible to not include it in this list. To me, as a photographer & filmmaker, One Tree Hill is a blank canvas. Yeah sure the famous tree may be the main attraction, or the view of the glasshouse mountains, but this photo location is so versatile. Any way you point the camera, you have a beautiful scene. For me personally, I just love the light this particular location produces, especially in the “golden hour”. Out of many other photo spots on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, One Tree Hill will give you a little more time to work with before the sun drops behind the mountains. So that’s a big advantage if you’re looking to book your wedding shoot here. More time means it’ll be more relaxed, and to me, that’s when my couples and I produce our best images. When that late afternoon light streams across those rolling green fields with cows dotted throughout, oh my – I am in heaven. Another hidden gem about this spot is the gorgeous wooden farm fences across the road. These fences make a great scene for a group shot with the stunning light hitting Maleny in the background. So if you are planning an offsite wedding or love shoot, put this on your list!

Spicers Clovelly Estate – Montville

If photos are one of your main priorities on your wedding day and you aren’t looking at going off-site, then selecting a wedding venue with beautiful photo options is a must. And in that case, well, you can’t go past Spicers Clovelly Estate in Montville. Seriously I have photographed some of the most magical light in my career thus far at Spicers Clovelly Estate. The gardens here are something out of a movie scene – so stunning. And with that magical afternoon light feeding through the trees, you honestly can’t go wrong here. I just love getting my hands on this place, because I know that I will be spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful photo options. And for the couple themselves, by having your wedding shoot on location, you’ll be able to spend more time with your guest and the whole afternoon will be a breeze.

Maleny Manor

For much the same reasons as above, picking Maleny Manor for your wedding shoot will have you spoilt for choices. But I love Maleny Manor for a completely different reason and this is why I had to have this location on my list. Some of my best moody shots ever have all come from Maleny Manor. Unlike some of the other Hinterland locations, Maleny Manor is on the eastern side of the mountain, which means you lose the light a little earlier. But this gives you the reason to focus on other things, like the gorgeous deep rich colourful gardens and vineyards to produce amazing moody images. Don’t get me wrong, you can still get amazing sun flare shots here, but you’ll need to be prepared a little earlier. But the hidden gem of this place is its moody gardens on a dark grey day, it’s so romantic and timeless.

Flaxton Gardens

Speaking of gorgeous rich colourful gardens, are there any better than Flaxton Gardens. I simply love shooting here. You have the option of staying on-site and knowing you will still achieve some amazing photo results, or you can literally drive down the road for a hinterland backdrop or magical hinterland leafy streets full of character. There’s just something uniquely elegant about photographing in Flaxton, it’s got a very European feel to it and all my images here will take you back to yesteryear. That’s why Flaxton Gardens make my list of favourite places to shoot on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Maleny Retreat

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more green and lush, but with those killer glasshouse mountain views. Well Maleny Retreat also gives you an option of a blank canvas, with open spaces and views for days. Or you can retreat into the forest or pine trees to create an intimate mood. If you want to be closer to nature then maybe this is your spot, you won’t find houses or buildings in your background here.

Mears Lane – Booroobin

The advantage of booking a wedding at Maleny Retreat is that you have direct access to Mears Lane. A stunning country road with gorgeous green hinterland hills rolling into the distance. When I think of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland I really do picture this scene. Often with cows in the background and an old dairy. You really can create some fun shots walking down this country road, with plenty of space and you’ll have no traffic to deal with. Just like One Tree Hill, you’ll find that the light lasts a little longer over this side of town. This particular spot is a favourite of mine for engagement sessions for all these reasons.

About Graeme Passmore: Hi, I’m Graeme. I’m a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer & filmmaker based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I travel the countryside filming, photographing, creating & producing love stories with a creative flair & true passion for my skill. I’m a seasoned photographer & traveller who embraces love, life & adventure. I’m available for big weddings, small intimate weddings, engagements & elopements worldwide.