To wrap up our Wisdom features for The Ceremony Issue is the oh-so-lovely Bec from Berry & Peg with “Creating Invitations That Match Your Ceremony Style”! If you want to go the extra mile before your big day by setting the tone of your ceremony or simply giving your guests a glimpse into what they’re in for on your wedding day, then a few of the below ideas might be just the ticket!

Your wedding invitations shouldn’t just be to tell your guests who, when, and where. They are the first glimpse of the style and personality of your wedding; a special piece for you and your guests to treasure in memory boxes for years to come. Think about these ideas to include a taste of the ceremony in your invitation…

Image: Berry & Peg

How Formal Is Your Ceremony

The wording of your invitations needs to reflect this. For instance, a very traditional/religious wedding ceremony may have your full names and the names of your parents. Or for a more relaxed and intimate feel, you could just have your first names. Formal wording may also depend on family circumstances and who is paying/hosting.

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Special Furry Guest Appearance Planned?

Having your pets involved in the ceremony is a lovely personal touch. Why not add an illustration of them to your invitations as well. This makes for a heartfelt, memorable keepsake to look back on.

Image: Berry & Peg

Set The Tone

Let your guests know what to look forward to for the wedding through custom illustrations. Will it be an extravagant affair with blooms cascading around you are you say I do in front of 200 of your closest friends? Or a chic evening ceremony surrounded by festoon lights? Or a relaxed afternoon ceremony followed by lawn games and cocktails? On a practical level, this also assists guests to choose the appropriate outfit!

Images: Berry & Peg

Break Traditions

Have a bit of fun with the wording. For a super relaxed ceremony, you could come up with something funny or quirky for your invitations or RSVP cards. Although ‘Accept with Delight’ is lovely ‘Cccepts with Bells On’ will make your guests chuckle, and having them reply with an ‘Excitement-O-Meter’ is sure to build anticipation.

Image: Berry & Peg

Floral Accents

Flowers and colours help to create the atmosphere of the day, so using them on your invitations is a lovely way to tie the day together. Try to give your designer an idea of what florals or greenery you are using on the day (you can have them get in touch with your florist for a terrific collaboration!).

Images: Jennifer Oliphant 


Build Excitement

Why not hype your guests with a glimpse at the gorgeous venue you spent so long choosing? Make it personal with an illustration of the chapel or your flower arbour, or any other styling elements you will be using at your ceremony. Also, any distinguishing features of your venue that really stand out!

Image: Berry & Peg

Incorporate Your Heritage or A Special Place

Have you chosen somewhere super special for your ceremony? A family home, where you first met, or a ceremony location off the beaten track that means something to you? Include it in your invitation with a map illustrating where the ceremony will be held, and then illustrating the ceremony space!

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Image: Berry & Peg

About Berry & Peg: I’m Bec, illustrator, calligrapher, and designer behind Berry and Peg Stationery, established in 2011 after completing my fine art and design degree. I use hand illustrations to create maps, gift cards, goodies for weddings and events that are truly personal for each customer. My artwork is colourful, feminine, and hand-drawn. I truly believe if we want a better today we only need to look to the traditions and skills of yesteryear. That’s why I love what I do, it blends traditional skills with modern technology to add a memorable human touch.