From the team at Anther Gin, the Oh So Citrus! cocktail really does bring the sunshine vibes to our Cocktail Friday segment!  This delicious creation uses Anther’s own Charismatica Gin, which is described as unique and powerful. It portrays the best of the old and new, paying homage to those who first created true juniper gin while embracing a world of new botanicals! And with the citrus addition, this cocktail really does tie in so beautifully with out Sunshine Coast Issue. So please enjoy the Oh So Citrus! this Cocktail Friday!


  • 45 mls Charismatica Gin
  • 15 mls Orange Curacao
  • 15 mls Grapefruit juice
  • 15 mls sugar syrup
  • 3 drops of Wonderfoam (or one egg white)


This cocktail really is so simple! Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake with ice, and double strain into your glass of choice – we suggest a honeycomb! For that extra flourish, garnish with an edible flower!

Image: Anther 

About Anther Gin: History is a key ingredient in Anther Gin, distilled in Geelong’s historical Federal Woolen Mills, built in 1915. Our beloved still takes pride of place, set against weathered red brick and surrounded by treasured memories. Each pristine drop of Anther is prepared, extracted, and distilled in this place of industry, and curiosity. We encourage everyone to explore our stunning space. It’s where our imagination comes alive. Come have a tipple distilled with sumptuous botanicals and colourful spices. Stay curious and join us – there’s something exciting waiting for you.