After years of lockdowns, which to be honest, made the world seem rather grey, we’re big fans of embracing the joy and the magic of colour. So the brand new collection from jeweller Sally Rose White Label, is right up our alley

Entitled “Azura” this is a collection that is packed to the brim with every hue of the rainbow. And it’s all in honour of women. Says Sally “As beautiful as women are; colourful, wild, diverse.. a monologue to the goddess within.” Sally takes her inspiration from the colours of history, to celebrate the goddess within each of us.

Sally’s distinct vintage style comes into its own in this collection. Hues of vivid gold, deep emerald green, royal purples and azure blues all sit alongside classic diamond white. Centre stones which create their colourful statements, oversize and take the stage they well and truly deserve, Sally is known for making custom personalized pieces too, so if you want to design your slice of the rainbow to reflect you? She’s a must visit.

And the moody, yet colourful hues were captured in all their glory by Peppermint Photography at Za Za Ta. The models in decadent beaded Gwendolynne gowns, their golden dramatic makeup styled by Kat McAndrew, and the rainbow floral arrangements by floral designer Xavier Nicolle.

Take your pick of the rainbow on the Sally Rose White Label, website.