Are you really feeling a mountainside wedding or love shoot? We wouldn’t blame you! It can create some seriously epic shots and memories that you will cherish always. With some top tips on how to achieve this,  Jekka from Naturally Jek Photography, who so generously gave us this feature about finding some fabulous photography spots off the beaten track on the Sunshine Coast, has compiled 5 Ways To Make The Most of a Mountain Top Wedding so that the whole experience really is a dream come true! 

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Whether that be hiking boots or something a little fancier, you want to make sure you have broken them in long before your hike. Comfort is key to enjoying a mountain top wedding!

2. Pack Plenty of Water and Snacks!

A pretty obvious and important one, but definitely worth mentioning in case you forget to think of this in all the wedding/shoot planning and prep!

3. Toilet Considerations

Most mountain top locations don’t have toilets, so plan your timing and hydration around this OR bring a dress you can bend comfortably in. Even a “shewee” is a possibility!

3. Sunset Shots!

Plan your photos for sunset (or sunrise if you prefer!) so that you get your “on top of the world!” feeling!

4. Bring Torches

These are for your trip back down the mountain! Why not make the most of this time and bring along lanterns or sparklers to get some amazing blue hour or after-dark images!

5. Book Experienced Vendors

Vendors that have experience with alternative weddings and the great outdoors are ideal. You may need to pivot from weather or the environment and you are guaranteed to have a lot more unpredictable factors. You want a team that is ready for this and happy to think on their feet without stress to make your experience extraordinary.

About Naturally Jek Photography: I am blessed to have truly found the one thing that energises me with excitement and passion. This means I am more to you than a photographer. I am a friend, a problem solver, and a sounding board. I am passionately committed to creating bespoke and breathtaking images and do what I can to guarantee this. I’m about capturing you for who you really are and what your relationship is. To tell your story because after all is said and done, what really matters is that you come out of it loving each other a little more. I am a lover of creativity, a light seeker, and an experience maker. It’s about getting you to feel comfortable enough so that just for a moment a little piece of your soul shines through. THE REAL YOU.