Ever since that virus “which-must-not-be-named” first hit, there has been an ever-growing demand for live-stream weddings. Live-streaming makes it possible for loved ones who were unable to attend in person on the day to share in your celebration from wherever they may be, anywhere in the world. When it comes to having your wedding live-streamed by a professional, you can expect various favourable elements to become available to you. And here are just a few in “Why You Should Hire A Professional To Live-Stream Your Wedding” from Lovereel.



Whenever Lovereel, or any other business who specialises in live-streaming, live-streams a wedding, we’re using a professional video camera which is not only live-streaming on the day, but we’re also recording directly on our camera. What this means is that we’re able to provide the couple with a video of their wedding after the fact, and because this video was captured directly on our camera, the video itself is high quality and totally unaffected by any potential internet reception complications which some of your live-stream guests may have experienced on the day. This can often lead to things like frozen frames, pixelated frames, distorted audio, etc. We’re also using camera tripods to keep the shot as smooth and steady as possible, which is nearly impossible if a guest were to live-stream your wedding on their phone or tablet while trying to pay attention to the event, for example.

Rebeka & Tim @ Hickson Street Lookout​ – Live-streamed by Lovereel 

Additionally, we use wireless microphones which we’d typically attach to either the couple or the celebrant so that we’re able to live-stream high-quality audio to all of your live-stream guests. Again, if a guest were to live-stream your wedding, having a wireless mic setup in place is going to prove quite difficult. We are also recording this audio directly so that your live-stream video which you’ll receive after your wedding also has high-quality audio.

Alicia & Haresh @ Peppers Manor House​ – Live-streamed by Lovereel 


Typically after the ceremony finishes, we’re easily able to allow couples to come over and say hello to all of their live-stream guests watching on the day. During the reception, there are often numerous moments of downtime where literally any guests in attendance can choose to come over and say hello to the live-stream guests. This is often quite a bit of fun after a few drinks!

Mirella & Neil @ St Georges Basin – Live-streamed by Lovereel

Lastly, after the wedding is done and dusted and you’re all married, we will “polish” your final live-stream video, making the colours beautiful and the audio as good as it can be before sending it to you. We do this so that all of our live-stream couples are able to relive their wedding day in the best possible way.

Rebeka & Tim @ Hickson Street Lookout​

If you’re after any sort of edited wedding highlight film, you’re best off booking our standard wedding videography services. The reason for this is, live-streaming requires our videographer to be pretty much stationary for the entirety of your ceremony and reception so that we can be shooting one long uninterrupted shot, with the occasional pan where necessary, for example, we can pan to film the wedding party and bride walking down the aisle before we focus purely on the one angle in front of us – that is, your wedding ceremony. With our standard services, we typically use a 2-camera setup and we’re able to move around a fair bit more, capturing various angles, all of which makes it possible to put together a beautifully edited wedding film for you. You can book both services if you want both, too. The decision is entirely yours!

About Lovereel: With various wedding film options to choose from and all the raw footage at your fingertips, Lovereel offers an affordable yet highly professional wedding videography experience.