Nature is glorious as the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony. So incredibly epic, and right at your fingertips. You just need to know how to harness its beauty. Brodie from The BIB Approach has all the info in “For The Love Of Nature: Stunning Outdoor Ceremony Styling!”

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We truly are blessed in Australia with nature’s finest backdrops. Scenes that take your breath away. From soaring cliffs to towering karri trees, crystal clear oceans and iconic beaches, to the shades of green and hazel that engulf our bushland. We really are spoilt for choice and each lends itself to a ceremony style to suit. This often means using natural textures and tones in your furniture and décor choices. Think oaks, rattan, cane, woven bench seats, stone, jute. If adding decor, go with the environment; giant clam shells and corals along the coast, vintage urns and lumping candles on a dirt floor, quartz rock arbour stands in the bushland. Keep your colour palette muted and natural, bringing in colours and tones of the surroundings.

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Natural Framing

If you pay close attention, nature frames ceremony spots for us, often without ever needing an arbour. Or simply an arbour that directs our eye to what is right there in front of us. It might be the way two trees lean in towards one another or a perfectly horizontal branch. A natural clearing or cove that will enclose your ceremony. A cosey corner of a bay or a huge trunk of an impressive tree. To over-style, these would be to take away from the simplicity and beauty that nature has provided us.

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Nature Is Timeless

Floral trends and certain arbour structures will come and go with wedding trends, but nature will always be our best backdrop. Sometimes, a coastal cove or a rocky outcrop has already provided an almost arc-like enclosure, within which your guests will gather so perfectly. Nature hugging the ceremony in. Nothing but the ocean behind you as your photographer frames that first kiss.

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The First Kiss

Is there anything more symbolic than your first kiss?! Sealing your marriage as your celebrant announces, “You may now kiss!” I often think, “why would we take away from that incredibly natural and special moment by over-blooming, over-styling, over-creating?!” To look back on that moment captured in time and simply adore it for what it was and not be distracted by styling is something to consider. One way of still having incredible florals and styling features is to opt for an aisle entry feature over an arbour feature. Think two beautiful big pots overflowing with florals on either side of the aisle as you enter the ceremony space. Two plinths with a tall arrangement where the guests enter, or a repetitive ground floral feature all along the aisle.

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Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Although cloudy days are ideal, it’s inevitable with our Australian summers that you’re probably going to be basking in direct sunlight. I’d recommend going to your ceremony spot a few days out at the exact time of your ceremony to gauge where the sun is and where it moves to, so as to have your ceremony angled in the best direction. Consider shade for your guests when furnishing and styling your ceremony area. Beautiful market umbrellas, sparkling water in mini glass bottles, served on ice in clamshells, boutique beers in white tin tubs, perhaps champagne on arrival in beautiful champagne coups served on rattan trays.

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Signed & Sealed

I find during the signing a lot of special moments are captured. It can be a pause in the ceremony and allows the bridal party to breathe and have a moment. For this reason, I try to place the signing table at a distance that allows for movement, re-framing. Try to position it with its own unique backdrop. For example, if the main ceremony backdrop is the ocean, perhaps the signing can be a rocky cove on the beach or the sand dunes.

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Did Someone Say, Champagne & Cake?!

Cake and champagne as part of your ceremony?! Yes! One of my favourite things we’ve added to a ceremony space was a cake feature. A table right beside the ceremony, the moment woven into the ceremony proceedings. The cake was then served with champagne immediately following the ceremony. After all, it is generally afternoon tea time!

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As Unique As Your Love

Lastly, don’t forget to consider your personalities and of course your heights, in creating the perfect ceremony space and arbour. An arbour that dwarfs its subjects or an overly zealous statement piece that over-runs the simplicity of an elegant gown, is not what you want. Your stylist should always ask to see your outfits, your wedding party attire and hopefully have a few well-practiced questions and procedures that attempt to get to know you, your natural style, even things you love, and weave that into your day.

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