There is little else I, Ms Rose, love more than flowers (maaaaaybe… my children?) and so you can imagine my delight when I get to work with exceptionally talented floral stylists to put pieces together for your viewing pleasure, and wedding day know-how! Alex, the events coordinator from My Little Flower Shoppe, has created the below guide to floral trends for 2022, tips for planning your wedding florals & some inspiration for you to get started on your wedding flower journey! Please enjoy “Floral Trends, Tips & Inspiration With My Little Flower Shoppe!”… 

Images: Foy And Co / Figtree Pictures

Floral Trends For 2022

With COVID induced lockdowns and restrictions easing this year, wedding enquiries are streaming in and things are starting to look up! Luxurious reflexed Colombian roses are continuing to feature prominently in couple’s mood boards, with toffee, ivory and antique pink proving to be a very popular colour palette for 2022. On the opposite end of the spectrum we are seeing a bold shift towards bright and intense themes – think deep, velvety fuchsia orchids, neon roses and dramatic trailing amaranthus.

Images: Miguel Jiminez

Image: Twig & Fawn Photography


When planning your wedding flowers, it’s always a good idea to check what’s in season. While there may be some flowers available year-round due to imports, nothing can top using fresh, locally sourced seasonal blooms.
It also helps not to get too hung up on specific flower varieties and instead find a colour palette you love and stick with that. Trust that your florist will only select the best and freshest varieties for your big day.

Image: Miguel Jiminez

Image: Twig & Fawn Photography


When it comes to finding inspiration for your wedding flowers, Pinterest is king – but be wary of heavily edited photos! Filters can make flowers look a completely different colour, so that beautiful lilac-grey rose you’ve got your heart set on may not actually exist. Check out recent posts from your favourite florist’s Instagram to get an idea of what’s beautiful and in season.

Images: Bea Tarasuik

Image: Twig & Fawn Photography

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