We love a good wedding DIY that can be reused later down the line, and this gorgeous ring dish can be carried during your ceremony, and popped on your bedside table later to store those precious rings! Super easy to make and personalise, this delicate & lovely ring dish DIY tutorial is the perfect ceremony detail that can be crafted by yourself, ready for that all-important moment!

What You Will Need:

  • Polymer clay
  • Rolling pin, baking paper, oven, straw
  • Leaf for pattern making (you could also use initial stamps to personalise the ring dish)
  • Ribbon

Step One 

Following the instructions on the polymer clay packet, with clean hands, knead the clay until it softens. Roll into a ball, then flatten out into a round disc, approximately 3-4mm thick.

Step Two 

Using a large leaf, lay it on top of your round clay shape, and roll over it gently with the rolling pin. You can personalise the ring carrier in any fashion at this point, with initials, flower pressing, etc. Once you’re happy with the design, push out two holes with a straw, approximately 1-2cm apart from each other, in the centre of the disc.

Step Three 

Following the polymer clay packet instructions, bake for the required length of time. Leave to cool, then thread ribbon through the two holes. Use the ribbon to secure the ring onto the ring plate, so it can be easily transported.