Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. In the case of marriage, it begins with a ceremony, and today we’re rounding up “7 Sentimental & Creative Ceremonies We Can’t Stop Thinking About” for the beginning of The Ceremony Issue. In case you can’t tell, we are definitely pumped and ready to delve into the delicious realm that is all things wedding ceremonies! 

1. Annie & Denis’ Traditional Tea Ceremony At Home

The tea ceremony took place at the bride’s family home. “We loved the tradition of the tea ceremony and being able to pay our respects to our elders,’ says Annie. “Being able to have all our family and close friends there to celebrate especially during that time was wonderful. We had the formalities of the tea ceremony in the morning and after it was a party! Lots of food and drinks!”

Images: Mavic C Photography

2. Ben & Georgie’s Rustic Confetti Disco Wedding

“Our ceremony was casual and funny. We kept it short and filled with personal stories and experiences to show the guests exactly who we are as a couple. It was perfect for us. After I arrived, we realised the rings were left back at the accommodation, and the celebrant put us at ease by improvising an exchange of Kraft cheese slices as a throwback to our proposal! (Ben proposed by laying down a heart of Kraft cheese singles and placing the ring in the centre.)”

“Running with the relationship theme of Kraft cheese slices, a group of our friends turned up with cheese slices as pocket squares. When we were distracted signing the paperwork at the end of the ceremony, they placed a heart made out of cheese slices at the end of the aisle, which was delightful.”

Images: Smile Darling Photography

3. Eliza & Hayden’s Modern Melbourne Registry Office Wedding

This elopement is the epitome of no stress, and no fuss, just as the couple wanted it. A polka dot dress, a bright bouquet of beautiful blooms, and the city as their backdrop. The pair kept the day complete secret from everyone but two of their closest friends and of course their photographer. “No one knew we were getting married other than our witnesses!” laugh Eliza. “The wedding was witnessed by our dearest friends, and the ceremony was quick, no-frills and I loved it. I was teary, which surprised me. The celebrant, Mark, made it feel incredibly special. I found this impressive since it was probably his 6th ceremony of the day!”

Images: Nikki McCrone

4. Jarred & Dan’s South Australian Hot Air Balloon Wedding

“We wanted the ceremony to have a special and unique feeling to it. Knowing it’s not a cookie-cutter wedding where numerous people have stood before us. We want to know the location was unique to us and our guests in the hot air balloon.”

Images: Travis & Benny

5. Hollie & Mitchell’s Lavender Farm Country Style Wedding

“The venue has amazing views of the scenic rim which is special to us having had many adventures on the mountains in the area,” tells Hollie of her and Mitchell’s decision to marry at the beautiful Kooroomba Vineyard & Lavender Farm.

Images: Bird and Boy Photography

6. Stephen & Lakshmi’s Hindu White Tie South Australian Wedding

The couple embraced everything traditional for their May wedding and took part in all of the ceremonies, traditionally held at a Hindu wedding. “Hindu wedding ceremonies typically last 2-3 hours of a series of prayers and rituals” explains Stephen. “Only certain moments (like the tying of the Thali) are formal and demand everyone’s attention, the rest of the time guests can mingle and watch and talk as they please. The traditional wedding is as much about the families coming together as it is about the couple being wed. There are also a series of smaller ceremonies in the week leading to the wedding day.”

Images: The Ivory Story

7. Lynn & Vanessa’s Relaxed Personal Wedding at Studley Grounds

Their celebrant told the story of how they met, their early days, and the proposal. They asked their friends to write something about them (or for them) in the present and the future. “Our dear friend composed it and read it near the end of the ceremony, including words that our friends used to describe us and our relationship,” says Lynn.

Images: Tess Follett 

Reliving these incredible ceremonies sure has us pumped for what’s to come in The Ceremony Issue! Can’t wait to share it all with you!