Here are 25 flower and foliage suggestions to explore for bouquets, which could suit a dotty, spotty celebration without being painted, dyed, bleached or preserved. Are you after just a nod to polka dots or a full-on deep-dive into the pattern? Either way, there are plenty of ideas that don’t involve florals being painted, dyed, bleached or preserved when it comes to bouquets for polka dot fans.

While some flower and foliage inspiration is given here, try to keep an open mind with varieties. Tap into your florist’s creativity and expertise. Depending on when and where your wedding takes place, different florals will be around – not everything is in season at the same time or available. There may be things you haven’t come across that your florist feels will hit the mark. Being too rigid with specific varieties could mean you miss out on including something that’s having a great season and might result in an even better final look. Your florist could also help you avoid using something classed as a weed in your area or point out which flowers and foliage may be an irritant or poisonous (or help you try to steer clear of those if need be). If flowers with fragrance are important or you want to ensure they’re locally grown, these are all things you can be raising with your florist.


A bouquet containing anemones and poppies, among other florals.

Subtle spotty ideas

If you’re after a touch of dots, you may find using a patterned ribbon on the bouquet is sufficient.

Including a scattering of smaller flowers with centres that are a different colour to their petals could also provide a gentle nod to a polka dot theme. Certain matricaria and tanacetum varieties have small daisy-like flower shapes with yellow centres and white petals.

An Australian native option is ammobium; its small yellow centre is actually the flower, which is surrounded by white, papery bracts. For more dotty-pattern impact, you might consider using any of these flowers as a single variety en masse.


Prominent Polka Dots

It’s not just smaller flowers that have varieties with different coloured centres to act as dots. Whether used in a mixed bouquet or as a single variety en masse, some possibilities to look into are anemones, asters, chrysanthemums, cosmos, daffodils, echinacea, helenium, poppies, ranunculus, rudbeckia, strawflowers and zinnias.



Multiple Dots

There are options that offer numerous ‘dots’ on a single surface. Lotus pods are one, and these can be used fresh or dried. There’s also Begonia maculata – this plant does flower, but it’s the foliage you may want to take a look at, as its leaves look like they’re covered with polka dots (it goes by the name polka dot begonia because of it).

Lotus Pods

3D Dottiness

Florals with spherical forms could provide an almost three-dimensional polka dot. Some to consider include berzelia, billy buttons, brunia, dahlias (specifically the ball and pompon types), echinops and gomphrena. Certain seed heads also bring a rounded form, such as poppy seed heads, as do florals that feature berries such as hypericum.

Billy Buttons


These are just 25 of the many florals that could bring some dots and spots to your bouquets. The ways in which any florals are arranged makes a difference too. And aside from being inspired by polka dots, perhaps you’re after a particular colour palette, maybe you want a retro vibe, you might be seeking something that feels light and airy – the right florist for you can plan options to bring the brief to life.

A bouquet with white ranunculus is included in a selection of florals.

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Header Bouquet: A bouquet with a scattering of smaller flowers, including some with centres that are different colours to their petals.