Polka dots come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and forms. We definitely got creative when brainstorming for our Polka Dot Issue, and one thing that came to mind as a fun, celebratory way to include dots on your wedding day is through confetti! We reached out to the wonderful team at Hunter Events NSW for their thoughts and tips on how best to incorporate confetti in your wedding in “Confetti Is To Weddings What Sprinkles Are To Cakes!”… 

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When it comes to iconic wedding images, we can never scroll past couples glowing as they stroll back down the aisle covered in confetti! Derived from an ancient Roman tradition of throwing rice on newlyweds to symbolise fertility and prosperity, the practice remains a popular choice for newly wedded couples even now in 2022, even if only for the magical wedding photography it can produce (although we definitely recommend choosing something a little more bird friendly than rice).

Not only can you match its colour to the theme of your wedding, but confetti (literally) comes in all shapes and sizes! Nowadays, we try to keep the environment in mind so we attempt to stray our couples away from traditional things like rice and coloured craft paper. Instead, we recommend rice paper confetti, flower petals, or even bubbles! One of our favourite materials to date has been DIY cut shapes from leaves and dried flowers (though make sure to arm your entire bridal party with hole punches for this one!). When you’re choosing which option is best for you, there are a few things to consider.

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What “flavour” sprinkle is best for me?

Check with your venue. Everywhere is different, so make sure to get clarification on their policy for confetti. Conditions they may have might include a ban on certain materials like rose petals, as if they were to get wet or stepped on they can stain the floor. Certain venues may also have a cleaning fee so it’s important to be upfront if you’re planning on using confetti, particularly if your ceremony is indoors.

To your wedding party, we do warn that you will definitely be pulling some kind of confetti from your the main couple’s hair – it’s like glitter in a kindergarten art class!

How To Use Your Sprinkles

Keep individual bundles in cones, bags, or boxes so it is easier to hand out to guests, and consider having your wedding coordinator distribute them while you’re signing the registry – that way no one is distracted by dropping their bags or playing with their contents.

Our biggest tip for confetti is having your celebrant encourage your guests to aim above you as you walk, instead of at your face (a mouthful of dried leaves isn’t quite what we’re going for!) so the photographer can capture it as it sprinkles down on you.

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